Weekend Meanderings: Sully’s Hangout

For the strength phase of our training, we are supposed to be concentrating on finger strength (via the hangboard) and general whole-body strength (via our kick-butt trainer). As the phase progresses, we’re also supposed to cut back on our climbing (to save the fingertips, but also because the finger training is pretty taxing) and our aerobic activities. This “cut-back” has been hard to follow when the weather has been so good, for so long!

It’s summer… in Vancouver… and it’s dry, how can we be expected to not climb outside and cycle around!

So we’ve taken a few liberties with this part of the training phase. For a few sessions, we’ve been hiking up to Sully’s Hangout, in Lynn Canyon. It’s a small-ish crag with many moderate routes (5.9 to 5.12c, with most climbs around 5.10d to 5.11+). We’ve been climbing 3 to 5 routes, then calling it a day. It seems to be working out well because we still get to climb a little bit outside, but don’t worry about bagging ourselves in the process.

FYI, if you’re visiting Vancouver, check out the hiking trails through Lynn Canyon. There’s a great suspension bridge that is much cheaper than the other one in North Vancouver (i.e. free!). The views of the river are really great, and the trails are well-maintained.

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Lynn Valley Headwater, North Vancouver BC

We’ve also been exploring some of the great local craft-brew tasting houses in Vancouver. Most are within 8 to 15 km of our apartment, so we’ve been cycling to one on the weekend, sampling a flight, then cycling home. It’s been most enjoyable!

Last weekend, as a final-hurrah before I officially started back to work, post-sabbatical, we cycled down to Main Street Brewing Company.

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Beer flight at Main Street Brewing, Vancouver BC

Their tasting room has a great ambiance: super-high ceilings in an old warehouse, big windows, lots of light, simple decor. We “cheers’d” to a fantastic first-half of the year and toasted to exciting days to come.

ClimbEatCycleRepeat.com | Beer flight at Main Street Brewing, Vancouver BC

Happy Weekend!


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