The First Few Days in Bishop

We descended into Bishop late Monday afternoon (Feb 16th). Jonty did a big of research on the way here, looking for places to stay. There are a few RV campgrounds, but they all seemed quite expensive (like $40+). The local Vons / K-Mart parking lot allowed overnight parking so, being the boutique-dirtbaggers we are, we opted for a far corner of the lot. Most evenings there are no fewer than 10 vans/RVs parked. Our closest neighbour seems to be here for the long-haul, as he brings out his solar-panel chargers every morning to fuel his big home! We’ll probably stay here until next Friday, which feels kind of nice, like we’re getting to know the small centre a bit better.

The next morning we walked down to one of the local outdoors shops to look for a bouldering guidebook. The guy was really helpful and told us a good place to start bouldering for the day was at the Happy Boulders. Done! We headed out and were bouldering shortly after! There are over 500 boulder problems at this location, alone, and there are numerous areas. Really, the amount of climbing in the Bishop area is endless! | Jonty bouldering V4 Happy Boulders Bishop, CA

Jonty working out some moves on a V4 at the end of the first day. | Jonty bouldering, Happy Boulders, Bishop, CA

Contemplating the problem… | Jonty bouldering, Happy Boulders, Bishop, CA

Made it to the top!! Can you believe this was NOT considered a high-ball problem?!! Too high for me. | Moira bouldering V4 Happy Boulders, Bishop CA

Moira trying out the moves on a V4 much lower to the ground! | Moira bouldering V4 Happy Boulders, Bishop CA

Unsuccessful (but I look good!) The skin needs to get used to the sharp volcanic tuff rock.

The weather has been fantastic so far (mid-20’s during the day, but cool at night). I get a sense this isn’t usual for February, but it works for us. As I said earlier, the plan is to stay here until the end of next week. Over the coming days I should have a few more posts during our time in Bishop.


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