Pedal Puddle Pictures

Well, we had a good run. The rain finally returned this past weekend, and it returned with a vengeance! Many areas in BC have been on Level 3 / Level 4 water restrictions for most of the summer, Vancouver included. When the forecast said “heavy rainfall and high wind warnings”, deep down we didn’t really want to believe it. But, yes, it came true!

Winds infiltrated lower BC, gusting up to 80 km/hr. Leaves and branches scattered the roads, massive trees came down, power outages were abundant (keeping BC Hydro very busy), with some still without power!

The talk of our street? This guy. A huge branch broke off one of the trees and everybody had to come and take a look (and take pictures!). It fell neatly between two parked cars, missing both unbelievably! | Wind-damaged trees, Vancouver BC

The weekend was far too wet to climb outside, so we spent our Saturday morning baking bread, making pie, and spending a few hours at the very-busy climbing gym, doing some Limit Boulder Circuits.

The forecast for Sunday was not supposed to be much better, but the rain did break for a few hours in the early afternoon and we were able to get out for a nice 30 km cycle. | Old church, Vancouver BC | Old church, Vancouver BC | Cloudy skies, Vancouver BC | R&B Brewing, Vancouver BC | Cloudy skies, Vancouver BC

We finished the weekend off with a bit of binge-watching, beet dip and brewskies. All in all, it ended up being a busy, active weekend, despite the weather!

Fingers crossed the weather brightens up for the coming long weekend, as we’ve got climbing projects to start!