| Foggy Beach Walk, Kits Beach, Vancouver BC

Foggy Beach Walks

I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan and as far back as I can remember, our neighbours were Peter and Caroline, an elderly couple known fondly as “Peanuts and Chickie”. Once or twice a week, Mom would head over to their house after her day teaching, for a coffee and a treat. Sometimes my brother and I would go along for the treats (I remember a lot of Wagon Wheels…). | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach

I was never old enough to take part in the conversation, other than to answer questions about school and various activities I was in, but there were a few nuggets of information, “Peanuts” would always say, that have become firmly lodged in my brain, 30-odd years later.

He would take a cod-liver oil pill every day, and make the claim that those pills were the reason he was never sick (he passed away in his late-90’s, so perhaps he was onto something!). | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach

And if we ever had extended periods of foggy weather, he would always say “Well, we’ll be gettin’ a lot of precipitation 3 months from now!” I have no idea where this statement came from – the Farmer’s Almanac? Saskatchewan Folklore?! Regardless, Mom would make a little note on the calendar: “Peter says lots of rain/snow”. | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach

Apparently my childhood memory would suggest that “Peanuts was always right because, to this day, whenever we get a lot of foggy weather, I still make a mental note of the calendar season, wondering how much rain we’ll be getting in 3 months time (because, let’s face it, rain is the guaranteed form of precipitation in Vancouver)! It’s funny how certain memories stick with you 🙂 | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach

On New Years Day, we wandered down to Kit’s Beach. There were a few people out walking and jogging, perhaps kick-starting their New Year’s Resolutions. By the time we walked from our car to the waterfront, a dense fog had pulled  in over the water, and there were moments where you couldn’t see much more than 10 meters in any direction! | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach

After about an hour, the fog started to pull back over the water, but didn’t disappear completely. I think we probably had two or three good days of fog. | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach

So, now we’ll all be wondering – “Was Peanuts right?!?!”

I guess we’ll find out in April 🙂 | Foggy New Year's Day walk on Kits beach

Climb Eat Cycle Repeat | Saturday Snippets, Callister Beer Run, 01.16.2016

Saturday Snippets: 16.January.2016

How was your week? It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through January already! Even though it’s been raining for most of the week, the days are starting to feel just a little bit brighter for a little bit longer.

Here’s a few snippets we’ve found interesting throughout the week!

On Climbing:

  • We’ve signed up for a Competition Training for Adults course! We’re pretty excited to train with other people and have a coach!
  • We’re finishing up our Performance Phase, and celebrated our successes with this.

On Eating:

  • 2016 is the Year of the Pulse! This and this and this look like good places to start!
  • It’s no secret (or at least, it won’t be anymore) that we like a good local craft beer spot. The Callister Brewing / Real Cask guys are one of our favourites, but we’ll be excited to see R&B expanding next month!

On Cycling:

  • Feel the need to start moving your body more? Take a cue from this guy!

On Repeating:

  • We’re anxiously waiting the arrival of this. The build is finally in progress!!!
  • Just finished reading this. It’s a nice quick read (sometimes, you just need humour and short chapters at night)
  • Canada is sliding… Big time!
  • How does your week look? I think we organize our climbing sessions based around this idea!
  • I chopped my hair again.

Happy Weekend!

Winter in Vancouver: Sunrise on Sunset Beach

Winter Sunrise on the Sunset

I can’t be the only one to be wondering “Where the heck has 2015 gone??!” Exactly one year ago today, I was getting my office cleaned up and organized before leaving on my six-month sabbatical. In some ways, that day seems so long ago, yet the year has gone by in a blink of an eye! Is that the sign of getting older? I’m not sure. Regardless, we’re both excited for what 2016 will bring 🙂 | Winter sunrise on Sunset Beach, Vancouver BC

We have been on vacation while Jonty’s brother was visiting for Christmas, and for the last few days the weather has been glorious! Clear skies have made for some cold days, but when playing the tourist in our own town, it’s much nicer to leave the umbrella at home in exchange for a toque and warm gloves.

The added bonus to the clear skies have been the superb sunrises!

We went to Sunset Beach for the sunrise (?!) a couple of weeks ago. Even though we were looking out to the west, the glow of the sunrise cast an almost ethereal light over the water – it was gorgeous and very calming! | Winter sunrise on Sunset Beach, Vancouver BC

… and cold!! | Winter sunrise on Sunset Beach, Vancouver BC

I think we managed about 20 minutes before we decided a hot cup of coffee would be the next best decision 🙂

We hope you all have a safe and joyful evening tonight, as you ring in the New Year! Here’s to adventures in 2016 (and yes, the van is still supposed to be coming shortly)!

Happy New Year!

Weekend Meanderings: Sunday Sunrise

Happy Sunday – we hope you have had a great weekend!

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend we headed up to Queen Elizabeth Park to catch the Sunday morning sunrise. While the entire weekend was a mixed-bag of weather and it had rained quite a bit the night before, we were greeted with a few dry hours and clearing skies.

Due to the earlier rain, it was quiet up in the park, aside from a few other photographers aiming to catch the morning light, and a group of elders practicing their tai-chi – very chill 🙂

We got married in this park, almost five years ago to the day, and it was remarkably similar on that day! Any month after, oh, August, can be a bit hit-and-miss in Vancouver with respect to the weather. So when the rain eases off, you better believe we savour each moment! 🙂 | Sunrise from Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver BC

We will have to remember this spot for future “Seeking Sunrise” pictures! Hopefully you don’t get tired of seeing these views because, unfortunately, I never get tired of taking them! 🙂 | Sunrise from Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver BC | Sunrise from Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver BC

This was another photo session using the 50mm f1.4 prime lens I rented from Lens Lenders. I’ve got another lens booked in a few weeks and can hardly wait to try it out!

Happy weekend 🙂

Vancouver: Shades of Fall

Weekend Meanderings: 50 Mm Shades of Fall

Back in January, when I started my 6-month sabbatical, I decided to make a conscious effort to use my big-girl camera more and really start working on improving my photography skills. It’s definitely a slow process, but a fun one! Practice, practice, practice! 🙂

I have the original kit-lens that came with the camera body we bought a few years ago, but the more pictures I take, and the more I look at the other people’s pictures, the more I’d like to experiment with different lenses. Enter Lens Lenders, a Canadian company that rents camera lenses! They send you the lens in the mail, along with a pre-paid envelope to send it back in, and you don’t have to return it until 4:00 pm the day after your last rental day, which means you basically get an extra day free! I was impressed with their service, it’s a great way to try different lenses before spending an (often) significant amount of money – I’m already looking at which lens I’d like to try next 🙂

I rented a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens over the Thanksgiving long weekend. The weather was a bit hit-and-miss, but we tried to make the most of the moments it wasn’t raining.

Scenes from “The ‘Dale”… | Kerrisdale, Vancouver BC

The dry summer we had is evident with the hydrangeas outside our apartment. They are definitely not as full as usual, but still oh-so pretty! | Hydrangea petals, Vancouver BC | Hydrangea petals, Vancouver BC

I wanted to try shooting with a prime lens for a few reasons. First, there is no zoom, so you have to physically move around to get the shot you want. It definitely takes some getting used to! Second, this lens is great in low light situations and allows for those uber-dreamy blurry background pictures (much more so than my current lens) and I really wanted to take advantage of that, especially for some of our food photos.

One thing I love about Vancouver is that, even on the grey days, you can always find pops of colour. After the leaves fall, you just might have to look a bit harder to find it 🙂 | Granville Island views from False Creek seawall, Vancouver BC | Granville Island views from False Creek seawall, Vancouver BC

I think we hit almost every type of weather last weekend – a bit of sun (we managed some great sunrise pictures from Queen Elizabeth Park), a lot of cloud, and a healthy dose of rain. | Granville Island views from False Creek seawall, Vancouver BC | Sunrise from Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver BC | False Creek seawall, Vancouver BC

And the best place to turn when it starts raining cats and dogs? Head to a cozy neighbourhood pub, find a bit of light along the way, and wait for the storm to pass 🙂

Happy Weekend!