March 2017 Monthly Word: TODAY

Does the short month of February catch you up, too? Throw in a long weekend, a few travelling site visits, and a stay-cation week, and the month feels like it’s over before it even began! And with that, my Month of PAIRS has come to an end, and we’re into a new month. I’ll share the full photo round-up in a few days time.

March Month of TODAY

A few years ago, I started with a photo-a-day challenge. Each day was a different picture with a different prompt. Sometimes the days’ challenge was easy to complete, sometimes it felt a bit forced. Regardless, I loved taking daily pictures! Just like this monthly photo challenge, I was forced to look at the world from a different perspective every day.

This month’s challenge is going to be a bit of a throw-back to my original photo-a-day start. We’re going to focus on the word TODAY! No specific prompt, just take a picture of what you’re up to today. What inspires you? What did you find interesting today? What do you do in your quiet times? Did something catch your eye? Snap away!

So, I’m dedicating March to my month of TODAY, and I would love to see what catches your eye, too. If you’d like to join in, please do (as many or as little photos as you’d like). I’ll post my findings on various social media places – Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter,  tagging #MyMonthOfToday and #MyMonthOfMarch. | March 2017 Monthly Word - Today

Here’s to a month of TODAY!

Saturday Snippets: 11.February.2017

I’m not sure why, but Canadian’s love to talk about the weather. This past week was a doozy for most of southern BC; Vancouver included. It’s all we’ve been talking about, and I don’t anticipate us stopping. Jonty doesn’t think he’s ever experienced such a long, white winter (phffft, British boys…) 😉 Highways have been closed, schools have been closed… Crazy days!

Happy Family Day (if you live in BC) and Happy Chocolate Day (i.e. Valentine’s Day) and enjoy our Saturday Snippets for the week of 11.February.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling, and Repeating:

  • We finished our last training/performance cycle a week or so, and will be starting up another 16-week cycle. First up is our strength phase. You can read about some of the training we do here and here. Here’s a great video post on some core strength exercises, from the training master Eric Horst (doing a front-lever is one of Jonty’s goals).
  • When you’re a household of two, it’s nice to have some small-batch recipes in your repertoire (like these, and these, and these!). Here’s a few ways to scale down your standard recipes, to start baking for two.
  • Ah, bread goals 🙂
  • If you live in BC, have you ever seen these Free Spirit Spheres? They’re near Qualicum Beach, on Vancouver Island. I think they look like a really neat weekend getaway stay!
  • Jonty wants one of these for the Sprinter 🙂
  • I just finished reading this book and really enjoyed it (maybe because I like food so much?)

On Moby News (aka Sprinter Van Conversion):

  • Jonty had a few more tweaks to do with the electrical system and he’s almost happy everything is working as it should. We should be able to start wiring in lights etc anytime now. | Sprinter van converions - wall and ceiling panels

  • We also started cutting the ceiling panels this week (if you’re interested, here’s a quick video of the CNC tool path). We spent a bit of time deciding on how to orient the panels to make best use of the material and for ease of construction. E.g. does it matter which way the seams run? Or how many seams there are? Which way is easiest to install the panels? Will the existing bolt holes in the van be sufficient to attach the panels? Will we need to add additional bolt holes? How will we deal with cabinets? Ah, so many questions 🙂
  • We’ve opted to run the main ceiling panels lengthwise, with smaller strips along either side. It’s amazing how much brighter the van feels, with the lighter wood. Once we cover the panels with our white vinyl, we might even need sunglasses inside! 😉 | Sprinter van converions - wall and ceiling panels | Sprinter van converions - wall and ceiling panels

Pictures for the week of 11.February.2017:

Like I said, we got another whack-load of snow this past week. I think everybody is thoroughly tired of driving in sloppy, slushy, icy roads. The temperatures have warmed up considerably, so perhaps we’ll see our green grass before long.

I had another site visit this week, and it was hopefully my last travel day for a little while; I think I’m done with winter flying! I was up in Quesnel for possibly the shortest trip ever, flying in at 11:00 am and flying out at 4:00 pm! It’s the first time I’ve been up there and, to be honest, if the weather was warmer I could have been tempted to stay longer to explore, but the -18°C did me in. I was hoping to walk around more before my flight left, but I wimped out. I managed a walk half-way down their pedestrian bridge, and a quick walk around their downtown strip, and that was about it! | Travel to Quesnel British Columbia | Travel to Quesnel British Columbia | Travel to Quesnel British Columbia | Travel to Quesnel British Columbia | Travel to Quesnel British Columbia

Happy Weekend!

January Photo Challenge Recap

I first started this monthly photo challenge a year ago. Thus, this January photo challenge marks one full year of completing these photography challenges – it’s gone by so quick!

It was my month of Minimal and, again, I really loved how this month played out. I think our weather probably contributed to this because we had snow… so much snow. And for Vancouver, this is completely unusual! It’s all people have been talking about for the last month, this includes both Vancouver-ites and the rest of the country (because we’re so ill-equiped to deal with the snow, we tend to make the news). Regardless, it gave me some pretty good photos 🙂

So what did my January photo challenge of Minimal look like?

The January Photo Challenge took me…

… from lots and lots of sunshine to lots and lots of snow…

… from travel to the BC interior to Ontario to Quebec…

… from breakfast to baking to coffee…

… from Monday morning walks to Friday afternoon climbing…

… from pops of colour to muted tones…

… from lots and lots of white. | January photo challenge - Minimal | January photo challenge - Minimal | January photo challenge - Minimal | January photo challenge - Minimal | January photo challenge - Minimal | January photo challenge - Minimal | January photo challenge - Minimal | January photo challenge - Minimal

And just like that, we’re into February!

I shared my new monthly word(s) already, so you can expect my social media feeds to be filled with lots of Pairs. If you’d like to join in the adventures, that would be awesome – we already have a few people joining in the challenge! If not, just looking at pretty pictures works too 😉

I’ll be tagging them all with:



Happy picture-taking!

Saturday Snippets: 04.February.2017

Do you believe the old saying that, “Bad things happen in threes”? As I type this I am in yet another airport, waiting for yet another delayed and/or cancelled Air Canada flight. This makes it 3 flight woes in 2 weeks (I have one more flight next week, but according to the Law of Threes, I should be okay 🙂 ). While the Ottawa airport is fairly easy to hang out in, I don’t want this flight to be cancelled and I’m ready to get home. (Update: the flight was only delayed by 2 hours!)

This week I was at a mammography conference in Quebec. It was fantastic! I learned a lot and was able to reconnect with fellow medical physicists across Canada, and enjoyed spending a few days in the world’s largest man-made log cabin in the world (I’ve got a few pictures at the end of the post).

Have fun checking out what caught our eye in the online world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Our Saturday Snippets for 04.February.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter Conversion updates):

  • Because I was going to be gone for the majority of the week, Jonty wanted help installing the upper wall panels. It’s definitely a job that is much easier with two people. The big difficulty we had was trying to accurately map the position of the screw holes onto the wood panels. Jonty had a brain wave at 3 am one night – use a laser level to mark the centre of the first screw hole, then place the board back into place and mark the hole on the wood. It worked really well! After that the remaining holes can be found by indenting with studs in the bolt holes. It took us about 5 hours to CNC, measure and drill, and install 4 panels, which we thought was actually pretty quick! | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels

  • After two months of trouble-shooting, then sending off parts and waiting for them to come back, we finally got the replacement sense-board back from the manufacturer. Jonty hooked it all back up and, guess what – it works! Like a dream! Here he is, running the laptop off of our batteries, doing some diagnostic work. | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels

  •  Now that the batteries are charged and working, we’ll start to run the wiring throughout the van. Having ceiling lights wired will be pretty exciting! Hopefully we’ll also be able to start wrapping the panels in foam-backed vinyl. Moby is really starting to take shape, and each job we finish feels like one big step in the right direction.

Pictures from 04.February.2017:

I attended a mammography conference this past week. It was held in Montebello, Quebec, in the world’s largest log cabin. The place was huge! The fireplace, alone, was spectacular. The resort was built back in the early 1900’s, with logs shipped over from BC. According to someone’s cab driver, the entire building took only 3 months to build, because they employed non-union workers 🙂 It’s quite impressive.

The conference was jam-packed and we were kept busy with talks and sessions from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm so, unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of time to check out the area. We did have a few hours of free time before the conference began, and used that time to walk into the nearby village of Montebello. | 20170202-Montebello-Quebec-5174 | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec

Happy Weekend!

Monthly Word: February 2017

February marks one year of My Monthly Photo challenges! One year ago, I knew what I wanted to get out of it (which was to push me to think more creatively) but it felt like a slow process to me. In the last few months, I feel like I’m getting into the groove though, and I love it! Who knows how long I’ll keep this going, but I’m entering year two, and my Month of MINIMAL has come to and end, and we’re into a new month. January was full of muted tones and simple beauty, I’ll share the full photo round-up in a few days time.

February Month of PAIRS

I have a list of words that I keep written in a book, of monthly photo ideas. More often than not, I don’t know what the next month’s word is going to be until a day or two before. This month was no different.

I was throwing out ideas to Jonty yesterday, telling him what I had in mind and he (very politely) shot most of them down 🙂 We started brainstorming, and he ended up coming up with February’s word! So for this month, we’re going to focus on the word PAIRS

Here are some of my ideas for Month of Pairs:

  • Two of a kind
  • People or animals framed in a shot
  • Pairs of shoes (!!)
  • Things that go together (Peanut butter and jam? Coffee and a treat? Weekends and climbing?!)

So, I’m dedicating February to my month of PAIRS, and I would love to see how you’ll interpret this prompt, as well. If you’d like to join in, please do! I’ll post my findings on various social media places – Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter,  tagging #MyMonthOfPairs and #MyMonthOfFebruary.

Here’s to a month of PAIRS!