Saturday Snippets: 30.July.2016

Whoa, the last week of July! Finally, finally, the West Coast is starting to feel like summer! My birthday was a few days ago and more often than not, the weather is guaranteed to be warm. This year is no exception.

We’re taking a bit of a breather from the city to enjoy the long weekend in the Okanogan. The plan is to not plan. Except for the 50th wedding anniversary, and visiting with old friends and new friends, and splashing in the water with our nephews, and soaking up the sunshine, and anything else that requires no planning 🙂

If all goes according to plan (because we still plan, in the city), we will be taking Moby on his first road trip! At the time of me writing this, that prospect might still be touch and go, but we’ve got our fingers crossed.

Here’s what caught our eye online during the week of 30.July.2016

On Climbing:

On Eating:

  • Eggplant in a cake? It sounds so weird, but looks so good! Maybe eggplant is like the zucchini of baked goods – it adds moisture but not flavour? I’m game to give it a whirl!
  • This Mango-Coconut Soba Salad looks like the perfect addition to any summer meal. There are so many ways you could change it up, too!
  • I feel like it I was the type of person to just “whip up a cake when someone stops by”, that this simple apricot and olive oil cake would be that kind of cake.

On Cycling:

On Repeating:

Happy Long Weekend!