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Saturday Snippets: 30.January.2016

How was your week? I feel like the days are ever-so-slowly getting longer, and I like it!! It’s been quite warm here (like 12C in the morning!) but I think we might be in for one more cool spell. Now we just need the rain to stop! 🙂

Here’s a few snippets we found interesting during the week.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

  • Is it bad that the only reason I want to own a cast-iron skillet is so that I can make stuff like this and this?
  • We love eating breakfast for dinner. I think this would hit the spot!
  • I know we have a significant sweet tooth, but these look pretty great (and I don’t think they would be overly sweet!)

On Repeating:

  • Almost one year ago to the day, we picked up Eddie, our rental Sprinter Van, and set off for a 3-month #vanlife adventure. We loved it so much that we decided to purchase (and reno!) our own, with the intention of returning to this lifestyle at some point. Vanlife is a good life 🙂
  • We have been designing our Sprinter Van since we returned from our trip last year. Some interesting tips on how to make our van a fully-wired mobile office!
  • I think it’s safe to say that these 15 quotes should be the de facto on how we treat our neighbours. Sometimes I need to read these more often!
  • We loved the TV show Parks and Rec. Andy, dear, Andy 🙂

Happy Weekend!