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Saturday Snippets: 30.April.2016

Things are progressing on the Moby reno! Jonty successfully used the CNC machine at our local Maker Labs to cut out a foam-insulation floor, and his next job is to start filling between the ridges in the floor and fitting the piping for the in-floor heating! Exciting times, for sure 🙂 If you’ve ever been camping in sub-zero weather, and placed your feet onto the unbelievably cold (probably non-insulated) floor, you will know how tickled we are to have in-floor heating!

Here’s what caught our eye during the week of 30.April.2016.

On Climbing:

  • Let’s say, hypothetically, you break your favourite mug. This DIY project would be a pretty good fix, and no hammer necessary!
  • Oh, the intricacies of your metabolism! And then add in the effect of simply getting older…
  • We’re completing some power-endurance training at the moment. We’ve been doing a lot of 4×4’s etc, but the Lemon-Lime game looks just as effective (and probably more fun!).

On Eating:

  • I’ve had some black bananas sitting in the freezer, just waiting to be used in a good banana bread. This weekend, perhaps this recipe will be their fate. Or this one… Or these! Does anybody have a personal favourite?
  • I was wondering why I’ve been seeing so many taco recipes floating around this week. And then I remembered that Cinco de Mayo is coming up. These look like tasty ones for the meat-lover, and these ones and these ones would be perfect for the veggie-lover!
  • It’s almost a taco! I could be down with these broccoli, chickpea and avocado pita sandwiches, especially with our homemade pitas 🙂
  • These breakfast muffins look intriguing…

On Repeating:

  • Hmm, a new passenger-only ferry between downtown Vancouver and Victoria. I just hope it’s not a fast-ferry! That was an expensive mistake…
  • I don’t think I believe this research. Although, most dogs do enjoy a good belly rub and ear-scratch!

Happy Weekend!