Saturday Snippets: 29.September.2017

Whoa, last day of September? I’m not sure how I feel about time moving so quickly! We’ve had fantastic weather this month, and we managed to take Moby out for another night of camping this past week. This time, it was down a 4×4 logging road, to a lovely little climbing crag. It was fantastic!

Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 29.September.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

It’s felt like another busy week for van work, especially since we headed up north of Squamish on Tuesday night, to camp out at the base of a climbing crag.

What we’ve finished:

  • We’ve finally finished covering and installing the last of the van walls! I’m quite sure I’ve avoided taking pictures with camera angles that show views of the driver’s side wall, just because it was nothing but exposed insulation. Well, not anymore! Very exciting 🙂

  • Jonty also got the electrical panel box all organized and covered up. No more unsightly mass of seemingly tangled wires hanging everywhere! I love that the electrical conduit hides everything, and I also love that we now have a cover on top of the electrical panel (see the above picture). So we don’t have to worry about dropping anything down there, and we can also use the top as another little storage spot!

  • We wanted to get the front curtains all finished last weekend, but I only managed to get the front cab portion done (don’t mind the mess). The side window curtains are still in production. Hopefully they’ll be finished by next week’s snippet.

What’s next on the list:

  • We ordered our toilet, and it arrived yesterday! It’s the Privy 500, made by Separett. So it’s basically the “separating” portion of a composting toilet. We’ll be making our own toilet frame and running the necessary plumbing back down through the floor to our non-existent holding tank (there will be a tank at some point).
  • We’re going to start working on making shelving and cupboards right beside the electrical panel, as well as think about getting drawers made for under the galley. Now that we’ve spent a few nights in the van, it would definitely be nice to just be able to keep the essentials in there (like kitchen utensils) without having to worry about them rattling all over the place.

Pictures from the week of 29.September.2017:

We took a quick trip up to Squamish on Tuesday night, to make use of the great weather we’ve been having. The climbing crag we wanted to go to requires a 4×4 vehicle to get up an old logging road. Moby did wonderfully well! We parked on a little pull-out, with the river flowing on one side and the climbing wall on the other. It was a great little overnight getaway.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I’m so excited for October! But you’re right, months and weeks are flying by. I don’t know if it’s getting older that makes me feel like time moves so quickly or if I was just completely oblivious to it all when I was younger. And that post about “what your coffee order says about you” was very entertaining. I’m a tall soy latte or a drip black coffee girl depending on my mood. Occasionally if I have the extra money, I’ll go for a nice Ethiopian pour over! 🙂 Your adventures with Moby are looking great by the way!

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