Saturday Snippets: 29.October.2016

The last weekend of October is here! Are you planning on heading out with your ghosts and goblins? I do believe it’s time for a bit of pumpkin carving around this place 🙂 We’ve had piles and piles of rain this month. Apparently, it’s rained 24 out of the last 25 days. The picture above was the view from my ferry ride to the Island earlier this week (the ferry terminal was literally a stones-throw away). If you read our last post from my trip to Victoria, you’ll note the ferry view is much different! Rain-couver is definitely living up to its reputation!

Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Our Saturday Snippets for 29.October.2016.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

On Cycling:

On Repeating:

  • Designing the perfect Outside City. I think Vancouver might have to step up its game a bit!
  • The CBC’s MarketPlace did a story on how much (seemingly good) food a Toronto Walmart throws out in 12 days. It’s pretty sad, especially when so much of it could go to the local food banks and soup kitchens.
  • 16 Personalities is an updated Meyers-Briggs personality test. I came out as an ISFJ-A (The Defender). Jonty is an INTJ-A (The Architecht). The descriptions are eerily accurate for us! What are you?

On Moby News (aka Sprinter Van Conversion):

  • We want to cover our walls with marine-grade foam-backed vinyl. The vinyl is bonded to foam, and it gives the walls a bit of softness, but also will be more forgiving with any bumps or imperfections of the wood. The samples arrived in the mail the other day, and we’ve made our selection! Any guesses on which Shade of White we’ll be going with?


  • The battery electrics are hooked up and working! We joked that this is what our 13 years of combined physics education has been working towards 😉
  • Jonty was making sure all variations of the electrical system were working properly (running appliances through the inverter, using the battery system to run the inverter, charging the batteries off of shore power, etc.). The only one he hadn’t tested, was using the batteries to run a 12V appliance. We were searching the apartment for any appliance that would run off of 12V DC. We came up empty. There I sat, drumming my fingers on the top of the 12V RV refrigerator sitting in our apartment, when I finally realized – WE HAVE A 12V FRIDGE SITTING IN OUR APARTMENT! So we hooked it up, and …


  • Success! The light came on, and both the fridge and freezer compartments started to cool down. We were very happy people, indeed. And, in case you were wondering, this is a portion of what it takes to wire up a fridge in a Sprinter Conversion!


  • Next up? Ordering LED lights, ordering foam-backed vinyl, and starting to move the electrical set-up from our apartment into the van.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I like the center sample, a little bit of texture, but not overpowering, but would like it to be a little more off white, like second from left…….? Are the colours in the picture fairly accurate?

    1. The samples are fairly accurate, it was hard to get some of the textures to show through properly, though. We were deciding between the centre and the second-from-right. And, in the end, I think we’re going to go with second-to-right. One of the textured samples was kind of dirty, from general handling, and it made us wonder how hard it would be to keep clean! The one we’re getting had the least texture, but is the softest. It almost feels like Ultraleather! Should protect Jonty’s head ?

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