Saturday Snippets: 28.May.2016

Goodness, the weeks seem to be flying by here! Somehow we’re already nearing the end of May!

The weather has been a bit mixed over the last week or so, including over the long weekend last weekend, so we decided to make use of the cooler weather by staining the van floors. It has made for an interesting few days with the furniture pushed and stacked around the apartment to accommodate the floor pieces. We became very good at dancing / tip-toeing around the edges of the wet floor. I think it’s turned out pretty good, so hopefully we’ll have some pictures once it’s all installed in the van. The plan for the next few days (assuming the rain stops long enough) is to cut holes in the van roof (eeek!!) to mount and install the roof fans. Wish us luck!

Here’s a few online snippets that caught our eye during the week of 28.May.2016.

On Climbing:

  • Our first experience doing a multi-pitch a few years ago made us seriously think about getting little walkie-talkies to improve our ease of communication. Sometimes, the combination of the wind and rope-drag and climbing up over a ledge – it’s hard to hear!!
  • How to climb like a girl 🙂

On Eating:

On Repeating:

Happy Weekend!