Saturday Snippets: 28.January.2017

A part of me still doesn’t recognize that it’s 2017. I think I’ve typed “2016” for every single Saturday Snippets of this year! At least I’m consistent 🙂

Yesterday was the first day that the weather had some warmth in the air. We managed to get out on bikes, after climbing in an impromptu 1-hour bouldering competition up at UBC. The entire afternoon was really fun! It felt so good to be out cycling again, too.

Here’s what caught our eye online during the week of 28.January.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter Conversion Update):

  • We’ve been working on a few piece-meal jobs this week, but sometimes those end up being quite satisfying!
  • Jonty CNC’d, stained and installed the mounts for our inverter and electrical circuit boards. All of the big holes in the mount are to aid in heat dissipation from the inverter. We think it looks pretty great, and Jonty was quite pleased with how easy it was to gain access to all the wiring in the back. | Sprinter van conversion - inverter box | Sprinter van conversion - inverter box | Sprinter van conversion - inverter box

  • Last week, we were working on getting the measurements and contours for the wall panels correct. This week we started CNC-ing out the real panels! We’re using 1/4-inch marine-grade plywood, which will be covered with the foam-backed vinyl we purchased a few months ago. We have the back panels cut and temporarily installed, to get the bolt location correct, and will hopefully have the upper panels done next week. | Sprinter van conversion - wall panels

  • Dare I say, it’s almost starting to look like a home on wheels, instead of a bit construction site? Perhaps I should emphasize the word almost 🙂

Pictures from the week of 28.January.2017:

The week started out with beautiful weather! We had a bit of gloom mid-week, and then it’s picked up again. Our Monday morning walk took us to the lumber store (exciting times) and then to Kits Beach. Everybody was out – parents, kids, dogs, people running, people doing TRX, people splashing in the ocean. It was the first time in a long time that the sun felt warm on our backs! | Vancouver walk - Kits Beach | Vancouver walk - Kits Beach | Vancouver walk - Kits Beach | Vancouver walk - Kits Beach | Vancouver walk - Kits Beach | Vancouver walk - Kits Beach

Happy Weekend!


  1. Super jealous that you took your bikes out in an actual outside road! We are still slogging away in the basement with the bikes on trainers. But we are still focusing on marathon training with swim and cycle as our cross training. So the runs have been good and the skiing has been great! Sean and I did a beautiful 15 km of ups and downs in Peter Lougheed provincial park today. Best of she season!

    1. I was thinking about you guys, when we took ours out. It was only a 10km ride – just enough to remember what rubber legs and a sore butt feels like 😉

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