Saturday Snippets: 27.February.2016

We had proper sunshine this week, and it felt wonderful! One day, we slept in until after 7:30 am (crazy, I know) and we were actually woken up by the sun streaming through the window! For anyone suffering surviving a typical Vancouver winter, this is a wonderful feeling. The trees are budding, the cherry blossoms are starting to light up the trees, and the roads have been dry enough to enjoy cycling.

Oh, and even better? We got word that Moby (our Sprinter Van) is finally built, is waiting to be loaded on the ship, and should be here by the end of March! In a few weeks time, the Sprinter dealer will know what ship it’s on, so we can track its progress from Germany to Canada 🙂 Exciting times in the Pearson Household!

On to other things around world, here’s a few snippets online that caught our eye during the week.

On Climbing:

  • Well, our first (mock) competition last weekend was a success! I was immediately transported back to the piano-recital days of my youth – clammy hands and thumping heart – but we had fun. So much so, that we decided to sign up for our first official climbing competition in Saanich in a few weeks time! I will be living with sweaty palms for the next few weeks 🙂
  • There is so much awesomeness in this video, I don’t even know where to start!
  • Which then led me down the rabbit-hole of more awesomeness: The insane power of Louis Parkinson (scroll down to Video #1)

On Eating:

On Repeating:

  • The 100 is our latest Netflix binge-watch show. It’s filmed here in Vancouver/Squamish (we’re suckers for shows filmed here) and it’s very similar to Lost (which we loved). Last night, we realized we were almost half-way through the second series, and we only started watching a few weeks ago!
  • We don’t have kids (but do have 5 of the cutest nephews around!), but I think this New Parent Hotline holds a lot of truth – had me laughing 🙂
  • 9 Awesome Nostalgic Moments Every 30-Something Will Relate To: Definitely #1, 4 and 6. Still use #5 to settle issues, and we just finished talking about #3 at work! (the rotary phone!!) So, yes, I relate 🙂

Happy Weekend!


  1. Unfortunately not, Dear Dad!! You are now old enough to have KIDS who are old enough to “remember when”… 🙂

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