Saturday Snippets: 26.August.2017

This has been the first week where I can feel the end of summer slipping by. The days are still warm, but the mornings have been noticeably cooler and the sun sits lower in the afternoon sky. I don’t think I’m ready for it to end!

Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 26.August.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

  • Tomorrow, two of our great friends are competing in their first Ironman race! They both have full-time jobs and are parents to our two very active god-kids (who also compete in kids triathalons), and have still found time to train for this epic endurance race. We’ll be anxiously awaiting your results, Jill and Sean, and we know all your training will be worth it!
  • I really love a good scone, the kind with tonnes of craggy, crunchy edges. These sour cherry and chocolate ones look like they would fit the bill!
  • Progress!
  • Did you catch any of the solar eclipse on Monday? We donned our welding masks, and caught the partial eclipse in Vancouver. It was crazy how many people were outside to view it! I knew of a few people who made the road trips down to view the total eclipse, and they all said it was indescribable. If you couldn’t be there in person, this is a pretty good video recap.
  • I heard about this podcast, Homecoming, through another storytelling podcast. They just released Season 2. The nice thing about learning of these things late, is that you can binge-listen! The episodes are short (20 to 30 minutes each), and its a psychological thriller (don’t worry, it’s not scary). I burned through Season 1 in record time!

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

Plumbing and Heating:

  • Big news – the water system is in, and it all works!!
  • We tested the city fill earlier in the week, and there were no leaks from any of the connections. Big relief! At that point, we didn’t have the water heater or pump connected, so it was just to make sure the basic connections were good. | Sprinter van conversion - testing water connections

Getting ready to test the water connections for the first time. | Sprinter van conversion - testing water connections | Sprinter van conversion - testing water connections

Testing the water connections.

  • For the rest of the week, Jonty worked to get the water heater and water pump wired up and working. He also wanted to add an on/off connection for the in-floor heating, so that the floor heating could be bypassed when we don’t need it (i.e. in the summer months). That part probably took him a good 2 days to finish. Nothing is ever a quick or simple process!
  • So, we now have this all working:
    • City water fill works (Jonty used the plasma CNC to fabricate the mount out of aluminum)
    • Water pump works (so we get water flowing when we’re not connected to city water)
    • Water heater works (so we can have hot water)
    • In-floor heating works (so we can have warm tootsie toes)
    • Force-air heating works, on low and high-speed (the heater fan will be mounted on the floor, below the bed)
  • Still remaining: connect the hoses to the sink (for all of the testing, we just used a piece of pipe connected to the manifold, and used a bucket to catch the water)
  • We don’t have a grey water tank installed yet, and likely won’t get to that for a few months. Until then, we’ll just use a jerrycan under the sink for the grey water.

The day that we tested all the water systems (city fill, heat exchanger, water pump, water heater, in-floor heating, forced-air heating), and it all worked, was a very exciting moment. As Jonty said, all of the systems he’s put in (electrical, batteries, heating, water, etc) all work as designed.

If you know how much time and effort and thought my husband has put into this build, you can imaging how happy he was. His shoulders relaxed and a smile developed, as he allowed himself a brief moment of celebration, before moving onto the next thing. I am so proud of him and this van!! | Sprinter van conversion

Happy Weekend!