Saturday Snippets: 25.March.2017

We’re entering the last week of March, how the heck did that happen already? I think I’ve finally gotten used to the time change, and the 6 am wake-up calls don’t feel as bad as they did the last week, and it’s been nice to have brighter evenings.

Here’s what caught our eye online during the week of 25.March.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

  • Royal Robbins, one of the big-name American Yosemite climbers back in the 50’s and 60’s, passed away this week. If you’ve never seen Valley Uprising (it’s on Netflix), be sure to give it a watch. It provides a good history of North American climbing over the last 50 years. Quite interesting, even if you’re not a climber!
  • These marinated white beans looks like a great keep-in-the-fridge-to-eat-all-week kind of dish. I’m down with that!
  • I feel like these cookies might be in my weekend plans…
  • We’ve been off to a slow start, on the springtime weather. Jonty and I figure the cherry blossoms are around 2 weeks late. If you’re in Vancouver, here’s the interactive map, to show you where all the trees are blooming currently. So grab your umbrella and take a walk!
  • This book popped up on my library “to borrow” list last week, and I finished it a few days after I started it. I knew it was popular, but didn’t read the synopsis, thus didn’t really understand the first few chapters. Then I got completely absorbed, and stayed up waaay past my bedtime to finish it!

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

Electrical work and in-floor heating:

  • We tried to time the weather this past week so that any under-the-van work could be done on the dry days. Jonty’s been working at adding more electrical components (like wiring up the fans) and tidying up the wiring.
  • The main job was adding in the hydronic-heating component and associated wiring. We got it working on Monday, which meant we could enjoy nice warm feet, with in-floor heating all week. In-floor heating in a Sprinter conversion? Yup, when we go in, we go ALL in 😉 After dealing with cold, wet weather, being able to work in a warm van (without running the engine) feels like a luxury!
  • Unfortunately, another central battery-management component is not working correctly and needs sending back to the supplier… sigh. | Sprinter van conversion - electrical work | 20170325-Sprinter-conversion-in-floor-heating

Yup, these floors in the Sprinter Van are warm, thanks to the in-floor heating!

Wall panelling:

  • We finished CNC’ing and covering a few more wall panels at the back of the van, including the sections around the windows. It feels so much brighter in there now. | Sprinter van conversion - hanging wall panels | Sprinter van conversion - hanging wall panels

Next up:

  • Our True Induction two-burner induction cooktop arrived in the mail last week (thanks, Mom and Dad!!), and we’ve been testing it out in the apartment. It works like a charm! Hopefully in the coming weeks, we’ll start figuring out the kitchen galley.
  • We still have more wall panels to cover, but that will happen in due time.
  • Jonty is finishing his last welding class today, and now he’s thinking of all the things that he could weld, will a platform bed-frame be an upcoming project? | Sprinter van conversion - True Induction cooktop

Pictures for 25.March.2017:

Monday was a dry day for us, and we decided to make the most of it and get out for a quick bike ride in the morning! We had to pick up a few electrical wires from a store just around the corner from Granville Island. With coffee mugs in tow, we enjoyed a quiet, and slightly cool, breakfast along the water. We’re really hoping the weather is much better than last year, because we miss our early morning cycling + breakfast dates! | Granville Island - Vancouver BC | Granville Island - Vancouver BC | Architecture in downtown Vancouver BC | Architecture in downtown Vancouver BC

Happy Weekend!


  1. I loved the documentary Valley Uprising, too! It was so interesting and definitely makes me want to go try some outdoor rock climbing. I love your photos from the week by the way. They make me feel as if I’m there in the city with you! I especially love the second to last photo, something about the water droplets on that photo makes me really like it.

    1. Thanks for the photo-love, Haley! Sometimes I wonder if they’re worth posting, because they’re a bit of the day-to-day life that could be mundane to others. But your comment made me smile! Be prepared for more water-droplet pictures next week. Our rain has been relentless!!

      Oh, and definitely try outdoor climbing. It’s different than indoors, but I the top-outs are much more rewarding! And you get to be outside!! 🙂


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