Saturday Snippets: 25.February.2017

I was on vacation this past week and that translated into A LOT of van work, which I didn’t mind. So I hope you’re ready for a pile of van photos, because that’s where we spent most of the week!

Here’s what caught our eye online this past week. Our Saturday Snippets for 25.February.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

  • It’s been a busy week for our little Moby. The first big news is that we bought a Bully Hitch Step! This has been a game-changer for getting into and out of the back of the van. The 4×4 makes the height of the van quite a high step, so this has really helped. Why did we wait so long to get something like this?! | Sprinter conversion - attaching a Bully Hitch Step | Sprinter conversion - attaching a Bully Hitch Step

  • We’re finally at the point where we can start to add more of our Thinsulate insulation to the van. There are nooks and crannies everywhere in the van and one of the trickier locations to put insulation is into the hollow ceiling ribs. Thank goodness for YouTube, there’s some great solutions on there! The method: tape over all holes and attached a piece of tissue to the end of a string. Then, using a vacuum cleaner, suck the string through the rib. Once the string is through, attach one end of the string to the Thinsulate, and gently pull it back through the rib – done! I was able to do one ceiling rib in about 5 minutes, I reckon YouTube saved me days of work! | Sprinter conversion - insulating the ceiling with Thinsulate | Sprinter conversion - insulating the ceiling with Thinsulate

  • Everything is curved in this van – the walls, the ceiling, parts of the floor… It’s a bit of a nightmare for Jonty and his design work. Another job we ticked off this week was to do something about the curvature of the lower wall panel boards. The solution was to add shims of varying thicknesses to the back of the wall panels. Now that it’s done, the walls are straighter, and we’re much happier 🙂 | Sprinter conversion - installing wall panels

  • Finally, we got around to insulating and boxing-in wheel wells. Jonty CNC’d the panels for wheel well boxes and we stained them. We added Thinsulate to each wheel well and attached each wheel well box to the floor and wall, and put in the panels. While we were at it, Jonty beefed up the attachments for the battery box. Everything tied down nicely now! | Sprinter conversion - building a wheel well box

Pictures during the week of 25.February.2017:

Honestly, the week was filled with van work from Sunday through Friday, so we didn’t have a chance to get out for our weekly photo walk. I did manage to snap a few sunrise and sunset photos, as we travelled to and from Maker Labs. So this will have to do 😉 | Vancouver sunrises

Happy Weekend!


  1. I always love reading what you’ve found in your Saturday Snippets. And as a teacher, seeing those school lunches from all over the world makes me really sad about what we’re feeding our kids today. Kids at my school eat pizza and a burger at least once a week, and they look so GROSS! The ‘salad’ is probably 1/4 cup iceberg lettuce with shredded carrot. And the nutritionists for our district thinks because these foods meet the dietary requirements (under a certain number of fat), it’s okay for kids to be eating these things…so sad.

    But Moby looks like he’s coming along really well and I enjoyed the photos. It looks like so much work!

    1. It is sad about the lunches, isn’t it! I have no idea what the school lunches look like up here (I know some places still require you to bring your own lunch), but I’m quite sure there’s a lot of overlap. If only kids knew that a ‘salad’ could be so much more than just wilted lettuce and carrot shreds!

      We gave our god-daughter a cookbook for Christmas – she’s been cooking out of it, making food for the family, and taking pictures of it for us (she’s only 11!) – and it’s such a wonderful sight to see. It would be so wonderful if that became more of the norm…

      And, yes, Moby is a whack-load of work! But it’s starting to look like a van now, so the motivation is getting strong 🙂

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