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Saturday Snippets: 23.January.2016

It’s felt like a long week, full of late nights and early mornings, so we’re really looking forward to a relaxing weekend filled with climbing, drinks and eats.

Here’s a few snippets we found interesting during the week 🙂

On Climbing:

  • If you’re a climber (or even if you’re not!) you probably remember the hype over Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson snagging the First Free Ascent of their Dawn Wall project in Yosemite last year (seeing some of the video again still makes my hands sweat!!). Well, it’s been a year since that happened! I just finished listening to a Chalk Talk podcast with Kevin Jorgeson on his thoughts over the past year.
  • A good article on a young female climbing-phenom who has some pretty fantastic accomplishments under her 14-year-old belt!
  • One of Jonty’s goals is to be able to do a front-lever. He’s not there yet, but he’s working on it!! Maybe he can add windshield-wipers to the list!!

On Eating:

  • Do you like to have ready-made snack to go? This looks tasty, this looks good, too!
  • We are soup people. Jonty will make a big batch on the weekend and we will eat it all week for lunch, adding in chicken or tuna or some other protein. This soup looks fantastic, if only cauliflower wasn’t so darned expensive up here!!
  • Does anyone ever have leftover beer? I didn’t think that was possible! 😉 Perhaps we could save some, in the name of this tasty-looking treat!

On Repeating:

Happy Weekend!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Yup, we love listening to your podcast – you always have some great guests! As for the buns – every climber has their vice 😉

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