Saturday Snippets: 20.January.2018

Gosh, it felt like a whirlwind week. We’re heading on a bit of a vacation next week, so maybe that’s why this week felt so busy? Trying to tie up loose ends!

Here’s what caught our eye online, in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 20.January.2018.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

Because we’re going to be M.I.A. on the van next week, we’ve spent this week trying to cross off some items (big and small) off our to-do list.

  • Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that the front ceiling panel, closest to the seats, has started to sag under its own weight. Jonty fabricated a few mounts, to attach the ceiling panel to the front frame of the cab, added a few screw covers, and the job was finished! It’s definitely much sturdier.

  • We decided to add LED strip lighting under the electrical panel box. Now it matches the under-cabinet lighting along the galley and in the bedroom. It’s nice to have a bit more light in that closet area!

Stowable shower design:

  • We figured out our shower curtain set-up, and are really happy with how it’s turned out. When designing this, we knew we wanted to have the shower sit right under the front fan, so all the added moisture from the shower could be vented without adding another hole in the roof. We also wanted something that was going to be easy to put up and take down.
  • In the end, we decided to attach aluminum mounts to four of the existing ceiling screws. When Jonty made these mounts, he cut in a thin notch into the end of each mount. We can easily slide a metal hook into each notch and lock it into place. Our copper shower rod is then slipped over the top and into each hook.

  • The design is really minimal, but extremely stable! We’ve both tested out standing in the shower, with the curtain in place, and it’s actually roomier than we both expected it to be (yes, I’m standing on my tip-toes to look out over the top).

  • Another mount, permanently fixed to the shower curtain rod, is used to hold our shower nozzle in place while we shower.
  • We soldered the copper elbows on one side, so the curtain frame is rigid.

  • When we’re done, the curtain rod can be lifted off the hooks, the rods are pulled apart (the tent pole solution I showed you last week), and everything (including the shower curtain) is folded down into the shower pan, and stowed up against the wall.
  • Really, we had no idea how we were going to manage this shower design, when we first started it, but so far, we’re really happy with our version of a stowable shower! Now we just have to plumb in the waste line 🙂

View from the bedroom, looking toward the front of the van.

Position of the shower, when it’s in use. Obviously, we’ll close the door 😉

Kitchen Table:

  • One of the last pieces to our van puzzle (beside the grey tanks) is our kitchen table. Jonty CNC’d out the table (press play to watch the little video) yesterday, and this weekend will be spent filling in all the holes and knots with epoxy.

Bit by bit, this van is getting built!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Any concerns about the bottom of the shower curtain not staying in the shower pan? Hate to get too much water on the floor……

    1. Nope! We’ve used a plastic sealer to fuse the bottom edge of the shower curtain into a loop, then have put pieces of copper rod into the loop, to act as a weight. So the shower curtain stays in the shower pan quite nicely!

  2. It’s amazing what you’ve done with Moby and that space! Also, that stovetop Frittata looks like something I’ll be trying out sometime soon! I’ve never tried making a frittata on the stove (maybe it’ll be faster than the oven!)

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