Saturday Snippets: 20.February.2016

In January, we signed up for a “Training for Competition Climbing” course at our local climbing gym; we had a great group of people in the group, and the month went by far too quickly! Nobody in the group has ever done a routes competition before, so the coach has organized a mock competition this Sunday morning, before the gym opens (the real competition is in April). I feel excited and nervous! Jonty’s getting psyched by working on his no-feet bouldering 🙂

Here’s a few snippets online that caught our eye during the week.

On Climbing:

  • We’ll be starting our Strength Phase of training, this coming week. After finishing that course in January, I think we’re going to modify our approach a bit. If you’re interested, this is what we’ve done in the past (here and here).
  • Speaking of training, here’s a great article by Jonathan Siegrest on the mental approach to training.
  • Speaking of working on your weaknesses, here’s a good article for how to deal with slopers!

On Eating:

On Repeating:

Happy Weekend!