Saturday Snippets: 19.March.2016

Our van is on its way! Last week we found out the name of the ship it’s on, and we’ve been tracking its progress online. It has crossed the Atlantic, stopped in Baltimore, through the Panama Canal, and is en route up the West Coast! We’re like two very excited kids at Christmas (or perhaps I should say Easter) 🙂

On Climbing:

  • So I guess not all rock climbers are dirt-baggers!
  • Classic #ClimberProblems 🙂
  • The proper way to do a pull-up, plus different variations to help you work on things like improving your one-arm lock-offs, steep-route climbing, and core-strength.
  • A nice little podcast on the Weight Loss for Climbers (although the podcast is general enough to pertain to those looking to revamp their diet or become more mindful of what they’re eating). Spoiler-alert: Highly processed frozen foods and daily chocolate-bars are not a recipe for ambitious climbing goals!

On Eating:

  • Because Vancouver has a pretty good recycling program (for food scraps as well as material goods), I would say we probably throw out one small bag of garbage every month. We do empty our compost container every few days, however. Some of these recipes for kitchen scraps look interesting, though!
  • I’ve had a major lemon craving recently, and I’m not sure why. This Lemon Blueberry Loaf might be a good place to start satisfying it, though.

On Cycling:

On Repeating:

Happy Weekend!