Saturday Snippets: 18.March.2017

Earlier in the week, we were reminiscing about where we were this time two years ago. Spoiler – we were in Joshua Tree and made a strawberry tart for Pi Day, made Guinness Chocolate Pots for St. Patrick’s Day, and cycling in Riverside during our rest days. Does anyone else remember where they were, based on the food they made / ate? We also tried our best to remember how nice it felt to be in warm sunshine, instead of cold rain (Vancouver, we’re okay whenever you want to allow spring to come…).

Here’s a few things that caught our eye online during the week of 18.March.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

  • We just started our power training rotation last week. I find campus training quite intense and tricky for me, so I’m always looking for new exercises to try, to improve my power movement. This video is a good intro to campus training, if you’ve never done any before.
  • Being a Prairie girl, is it a sacrilege that I’ve never had a Flapper Pie? I’m thinking, with Canada turning 150 this year, I should start a series of posts, trying to make all the classic Canadian dishes.
  • I love the flavour of lemongrass (have you tried making our red curry paste?) and this Vietnamese bowl looks like one to try.
  • Here’s a little hearing test to try. I got to the second last one, before I couldn’t make out the words anymore.
  • How awesome does this lego tape look! I’m thinking of all our nephews here… 🙂

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

Headliner Insulation

  • We finished insulating the last section of the van this week – the cabin, which involves taking off the headliner. I read a good post in the Sprinter Forum on how to do it and it seemed easy enough. In real life? It was a battle.
  • Taking off the trim and the sun visor shelves was pretty easy, with only a good amount of muscle power to get the screws out.
  • You want to know what the sound of a sinking stomach feels like? Hearing the sound of the screw you were trying to remove, rattle its way down the inner channels of the van.
  • You want to know what elation feels like? Removing more parts of the cabin panel, seeing said screw, and actually being able to retrieve it!
  • The headliner removal was tricky as we didn’t want to damage the air bags along the sides of the windows. And getting the headliner back in was harder than we thought! It’s quite rigid, and the space is a tight fit. But after a few starts and re-starts, and jiggling and jostling, we got it back into place.
  • We both think it sounds much quieter in the van while we’re driving! | Spriner conversion - removing the headliner

The headliner removed. | Sprinter conversion - insulating the headliner space

The cab insulated with Thinsulate, before putting the headliner back on.

Room dividers:

  • As a friend of mine said – “You have rooms!” We have the walls separating the galley and the bedroom CNC’d and stained and installed! We used 1/8-inch plywood, to minimize the weight. They do feel a bit delicate, so we’ll probably end up adding some trim along the edges, for added sturdiness.
  • Next step is to finish off covering a few more ceiling and wall panels, and then start working on the main kitchen. | Sprinter conversion - separating walls

Heating system:

  • Jonty spent most of the week getting the Espar heating system fully connected. This will include the hydronic, in-floor heating, as well as the forced-air heat. Despite the cold, wet week we’ve had, he managed to get under the van to hook up almost everything. Hopefully by this time next week, we’ll have a fully functioning independent heating system! | Sprinter conversion - electrical components for the Espar heater

Things always look worse before they look better 🙂 | Sprinter conversion - expansion tank for the Espar heater

Filling the expansion tank with water, to make sure the in-floor hydronic heating works,

Pictures during the week of 18.March.2017:

Hmm, I’m afraid I slacked off this week. It was a running around / doing van work / climbing training / sitting in the office week, so the best I can do is the following 🙂 | cycling picture

I managed one quick cycle this week, and shared a bike rack with these cool wheels. | Grey skies in Vancouver

So many grey days in Vancouver this week. | rainy day

Rainy day murals at Maker Lab. | climbing training

Boulder warm-ups before campus board training.

Happy Weekend!