Saturday Snippets: 17.June.2017

This was a week where the days seemed to fly by and we were suddenly at Friday evening, wondering where the week went! It was a busy one, with site visits and work meetings, climbing and training days, and a few days of van work. All in all, no complaining 🙂

Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 17.June.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

We’re in full-on kitchen mode! CNCing the butcher block countertop was a bit of a stressful moment (Jonty says that it was probably the most difficult cutting project he’s had to tackle, to date). But it worked, and it fits and we’re so happy with it!

  • This week has been spent making mounts to attach the counter top to the 8020 frame (it’s not going anywhere!).
  • The induction cooktop fits perfectly into its space, and so does the sink!
  • We were googling how to secure an under-the-counter mounted sink and saw that Ambassador (our brand of sink) sells these little aluminum mounts for attaching to a wood counter. But why buy a mount, when you can just make a mount! So Jonty’s had to manufacture mounts, as well. To be fair, he went to a few places around town, before giving up and deciding to just do it himself. 🙂
  • The next step is to use a waterproof epoxy on the exposed wood around the sink and faucet, and also fill in any knots and holes in the wood with this epoxy, too. We were pointed to the West System 105 marine epoxy, so hopefully next week we’ll be able to show some progress.
  • Once the epoxy is applied, then we can Osmo the entire counter top, and it should be finished! | Sprinter van conversion - installing cooktop and sink

Flush-mounted induction cooktop. | Sprinter van conversion - installing cooktop and sink

Induction cooktop and sink installed. | Sprinter van conversion - installing cooktop and sink | Sprinter van conversion - installing cooktop and sink | Sprinter van conversion - installing cooktop and sink

Happy Weekend!


  1. The two finishing products look very good. Just wondering how the OSMO will interact with the 105 epoxy? Will there be a coloring difference where the 105 is used and where it isn’t?

    1. I think it should be okay. The people at Yew Woodshop use both the Osmo and 105 on their tables (same wood) and it looks pretty good. But time will tell 😉

    2. Just as another follow-up to this. The 105 epoxy and OSMO worked perfectly together! The epoxy was very easy to sand, and it blended into the wood with no issues. The OSMO doesn’t really “soak into” the epoxy like with the wood, but it still covers very well. We’re really happy with how both products worked out!

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