Saturday Snippets: 16.September.2017

Well, we started out this week working flat-out on the van, to get a few bits and pieces finished before Wednesday. Because you know what happened on Wednesday? We’ve taken Moby on his first trip, away from Vancouver!! I had a few work visits on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, so we made the decision back in August to get him ready for his first voyage. You can read more about it down below. But first, our Saturday Snippets for 16.September.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

We were on a mission to get Moby ready for his first big trip this week! I was working in Duncan and Powell River for the last half of this week and, given that September is usually a glorious month, weather-wise, we knew we wanted to make use of the van for this trip. So there were a few things we wanted to finish off before then.

  • We made a headboard! It didn’t actually take Jonty that long to make. The CNC design was relatively quick – it almost took longer to stain and spray it, than it did to design and cut it out! We’ve added holes in the headboard to match the rest of our inner cabinet walls (they have holes, too). Also, cutting out material saves on weight, which is always a consideration for us and the van. It works really well! | Sprinter van conversion - headboard | Sprinter van conversion - headboard

  • Jonty designed a new electrical panel board – we needed space for more toggle switches, so he took the opportunity to prototype a new one. The nice thing about this new panel is the laser engraving below each electrical component! Although I’m much better at knowing which switch is which, it’s definitely nice to have each labeled. | Sprinter van conversion - laser cut electrical panel

  • We were trying to figure out what to do about privacy curtains in the cabin. In the end, we’ve screwed some hooks into the headliner and have hung a make-shift curtain across. The curtain simply hangs down in front of the dashboard, so when our chairs are turned around, the windows are still covered, yet we have space to move. I’ll make another set of curtains for this area, now that we know the hooks will work.

Pictures from the week of 16.September.2017:

I should have more pictures from our time on the Island, but for now, here are a few pictures of our first few days with Moby on the road. By the end of the weekend, he will have been on 4 different ferries and 3 different coast lines!

  • Riding with the big boys, in the lower berth of the ferry to Nanaimo | Sprinter van conversion - Traveling to Nanaimo BC

Riding with the big boys in the lower berth of the ferry.

We stayed at the Willingdon Beach Campground in Powell River. Not too shabby of a view, hey? | Sprinter van conversion - Traveling to Powell River BC | Sprinter van conversion - Traveling to Powell River BC | Sprinter van conversion - Traveling to Powell River BC

Happy Weekend!