Climb Eat Cycle Repeat | Saturday Snippets, Callister Beer Run, 01.16.2016

Saturday Snippets: 16.January.2016

How was your week? It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through January already! Even though it’s been raining for most of the week, the days are starting to feel just a little bit brighter for a little bit longer.

Here’s a few snippets we’ve found interesting throughout the week!

On Climbing:

  • We’ve signed up for a Competition Training for Adults course! We’re pretty excited to train with other people and have a coach!
  • We’re finishing up our Performance Phase, and celebrated our successes with this.

On Eating:

  • 2016 is the Year of the Pulse! This and this and this look like good places to start!
  • It’s no secret (or at least, it won’t be anymore) that we like a good local craft beer spot. The Callister Brewing / Real Cask guys are one of our favourites, but we’ll be excited to see R&B expanding next month!

On Cycling:

  • Feel the need to start moving your body more? Take a cue from this guy!

On Repeating:

  • We’re anxiously waiting the arrival of this. The build is finally in progress!!!
  • Just finished reading this. It’s a nice quick read (sometimes, you just need humour and short chapters at night)
  • Canada is sliding… Big time!
  • How does your week look? I think we organize our climbing sessions based around this idea!
  • I chopped my hair again.

Happy Weekend!