Saturday Snippets: 15.April.2017

Happy Easter Long Weekend! Do you have any plans? We’re hoping the weather will hold for us to get a few good bike rides in, probably some van work, and definitely some good food!

Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Our Saturday Snippets for 15.April.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

The Awning:

  • Check out the automatic awning – it just works! Just ignore my barking orders 🙂
  • We had a lot of rain since we cut the hole in the roof, and so far, no leaks. Always a bonus.

The Galley:

  • We finally started working on the galley this week. Which means we have at long last moved the fridge out of the living room in our apartment and into the van. Our apartment feels so spacious now!
  • The first big question was how to attach the fridge to the 80-20 frame and then attach that to the L-track in the floor. The second question was how we were going to thermally isolate the (metal) 80-20 frame from the (metal) L-track on the floor. We’ve got a plan, which we think is going to be pretty bomber.
  • Jonty spent the next few days prototyping fixtures and fittings, using the CNC to cut out the pieces we need. So far so good! We needed a few more parts (correct length screws, etc) but should have it all together by the end of the weekend. | Sprinter conversion - installing the fridge

The NovaKool fridge framed into the 80-20 galley. There will be enough room to place a shallow drawer above the fridge (and below the counter). | Sprinter conversion - installing the fridge

The fridge is attached to the 80-20 frame with a simple aluminum attachment (CNC-milled in aluminum by Jonty, specifically for this purpose). | Sprinter conversion - installing the fridge

The wooden mount fits under the fridge. It will be bolted through the L-Track in the floor (centre) and through the 80-20 (side holes).

Next up:

  • Our sink should arrive shortly, so we’re hoping to start prototyping the counter top out of cheap MDF. We’ll be able to play around with the fit of our induction cooktop and sink, and figure out if we need any additions to the 80-20 frame at all.
  • Then it’s probably more wiring and electrical work. It’s been quite time-consuming for Jonty, but he’s done such an amazing job!!

Pictures from the week of 15.April.2017:

The weather has still been a mixed bag. We had one nice day last weekend and were able to get out for a quick 15 km cycle. Then the other nice day was spent working on the van… which was glorious. We had the side door open, and only had to wear 2 layers, and I squinted into the sunshine for most of the afternoon. Bliss! | Vancouver cherry blossoms | Vancouver Maker Labs murals - blue sky

The other few days at MakerLabs have been grey and soggy. On one of the grey days, I snapped a few pictures of the area. If you know Vancouver at all, you’re probably aware of the Strathcona area, which borders onto the Downtown Eastside. We park the van inside the locked gate at Maker Labs, but can see what’s going down in “the hood” throughout the day. | Vancouver murals at Maker Labs | Vancouver murals at Maker Labs

Most days, we see a minimum of 2 or 3 ambulance call-outs (dealing with the drug overdoses), a variety of people spaced out on something, and far too many people who are generally just trying to get by.

But if you look past some of the dark corners, you see the brightness, too. Murals cover many buildings in the area, and a local community garden (run, in part by some of the homeless people in the neighbourhood) is right across the back alley. Many artists live and work in the area, and there are great coffee shops and cafes everywhere.

It’s an interesting area and, I hope Vancouver will be able to find a way to help those people who need it, without forcing them out of their community. | Vancouver murals at Maker Labs | Vancouver murals at Maker Labs | Vancouver murals at Maker Labs

For better or for worse, there’s never a dull moment when we’re at work 🙂

Happy Long Weekend!