Saturday Snippets: 14.January.2017

Today marks my first full year of doing Saturday Snippets! It’s been the one consistent posting day I’ve kept up every week, which feels pretty good. And with that said, I think I’m going to try a new style for the next year, and see how I do with it.

I’m going to include the snippets we’ve found interesting throughout the week still (because I like reading through that style of posts on other blogs), but I’m also going to try and include more pictures (because I’m 99% sure most people just like to look at pictures!). The pictures could be from our weekly walks or activities, and will often include our progress update on Moby, the Sprinter Conversion – so I hope you like the new style, any feedback is welcome!

And with that said, here’s a few things that caught our eye online. Our Saturday Snippets for 14.January.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter Van Conversion):

  • Unfortunately, no pictures to post this week. Jonty has been designing the wall panels and, like most things, the design takes time. He’s planning on starting to CNC the prototypes next week (the weather should be warmer – wahoo!).
  • A replacement PCB is on the way (finally!) for a faulty battery management unit.
  • Often, his design process for the van looks like this:
    1. Prototype a design in FreeCAD.
    2. Figure out how to lay out the design on the material we’re cutting, in order to minimize wasted material for the cut.
    3. CNC the part he’s designed (using a cheaper or waste material).
    4. Bring it into the van and see how well it fits.
    5. Make any tweaks to the design, if necessary, then CNC again.
    6. Repeat this until we’re happy with the design, then CNC the final product using the proper (i.e. more expensive) material.
  • This may not be everyone’s process, but it works for us!

Pictures during the week of 14.January.2017:

Our week started out a bit grey and on the plus-side of zero. We headed out for our weekly Monday walk, and decided to visit the Iona Beach Regional Park. It’s right by the airport and people often head out here to watch the planes take off and land. We have never been, and there was a super-long peninsula that looked walkable (on google maps), so off we went!

When we started walking, we had no idea how long the peninsula was  (turns out, about 4 km), nor did we know what we would find at the end (this was it!). It’s amazing how far out into the ocean it stretches! At the end, you’re almost inline with the furthest point of UBC.

Our second walk of the week took us to Coal Harbour, to catch the sunrise. We had our weekly 6 am gym session downtown, followed by our long-standing post-workout breakfast date at 7 am. The parking meter didn’t start until 9 am, so we decided to walk down to the water to catch the sunrise. The morning was cold and clear, and we thought the views were pretty grand.

Happy Weekend!