| Saturday Snippets 13 August 2016

Saturday Snippets: 13.August.2016

It was my first full week after a bit of vacation, and I must say, I’m definitely ready for the weekend to begin! We survived a few days of cool temperatures, a few days of rain, and now the sun is finally starting to shine. I see pie in our future. Peach-Blackberry pie, to be exact 🙂

Here’s what caught our eye during the week of 13.August.2016.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

On Cycling:

  • Will this be your new bike? Starting at $10,000 it’s a steal. Yikes!

On Repeating:

… and on the Moby Project (aka Van Conversion)…

  • Now that we’ve got the hydronic floor heating working, we’re able to move onto other jobs. We’ve been consulting with the PYS group in Vancouver, regarding our electrical wiring and having them look over our plans. They’re going to confirm we’re not burn down the van 😉
  • During the back-and-forth discussion with PYS, we started pulling off the van trim, sealing all the plug holes, and putting the trim back on. It was a bit of a pain, but we had a good system down.  This should prevent any water from getting into the van and minimize the chance of rusting. | Sprinter conversion: Sealing van trim | Sprinter conversion: Sealing van trim

  • We’ve started to put in the insulation. We’re going with Thinsulate insulation. Yes, the same company that makes your warm cozy coats 🙂 It’s warm, flexible, non-toxic, hydrophobic, easy to install, and meets automotive safety standards, making it a great choice for van conversions like this.

Happy Weekend!