Saturday Snippets: 12.November.2016

Today is our wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married 6 years already, and together 15! I still loved how our wedding cake turned out (we were rock climbing up our cake, with a kayak at the bottom) – it was fun going through the pictures again (our photographer did such a great job!). We were never ones to go with conventional 😉 This year,  we’re not going away anywhere, and our plan is to spend the day out and about in Vancouver – eating good food, sampling local coffee shops and tasting rooms, and playing general tourist for the day. We’re pretty excited for it 🙂

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Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Out Saturday Snippets for 12.November.2016.

On Climbing:

  • I just finished listening to the Training Beta podcast on shoulders (how to prevent injuries to them, heal them and exercise them). As a female, I definitely find that my shoulders are a weak point, and it’s always good to hear from an expert (physiotherapist, in this case) on what we can do to avoid injury. Esther Smith, the physio interviewed in the podcast, also has a good article on shoulder maintenance. It’s worth a read, even if you don’t climb, but suffer with shoulder niggles.
  • We love the exercises from the Gimme Kraft climbing book.

On Eating:

On Repeating:

On the Moby News (aka Sprinter Van Conversion):

  • We built and stained the battery box, and we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out. The CNC’d handles should be really handy for moving it around, when necessary. This box shows one of the big benefits of using 80-20 to frame the inside of the van (kitchen cabinets included): we can slide in wood (or plastic or any stiff material that’s thin enough) to make up the walls, with the 80-20 acting as the joints. We may use a similar technique for the vinyl-covered walls. | Sprinter van conversion battery box | Sprinter van conversion battery box

  • Our foam-back vinyl arrived this week! In peeling back one of the corners, it looks pretty good and feels really nice. The plan is to buy the wood this week (1/8-inch marine ply) and hopefully start to cover some of the panels. This will cover our walls and ceiling. We’ll probably start with the ceiling, as that should (hopefully!) be the most straightforward pieces to cover, and we can get the ceiling lights mounted at the same time. | Sprinter van conversion foam-backed vinyl

  • The battery parts we were waiting on finally came this week (it took almost 3 weeks longer than they promised), so Jonty is happy to be moving on with that project and start to think about transferring everything to the van.

Happy (Anniversary) Weekend!


  1. I think I’m a bit crazy for attempting 1 ironman, so articles like this make me feel a lot more sane!!! Have you heard of this guy though- The Iron Cowboy- last year he did 50 Full Ironman distances, in 50 different states over 50 days! It was incredible to follow his daily progress.

    1. I’ve heard of someone similar, but not sure if it’s the same guy. We’ll look into the website. You guys are still total inspirations to us!!

  2. Congratulations! I love the cake so much! So cool 🙂 and I hope you had a fantastic day, your plans sounded like you had a perfect one laid out. And thanks for the link to the blog, I got excited seeing it haha, and also, it’s not bad to link back to your site, it reminded me that I still need to make that recipe!

    1. Ya, that cake was a favourite of everyone’s!! It’s been a weekend full of rain, but we’re making the most of it and having a great time. 🙂

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