Saturday Snippets: 12.March.2016

How was your week? By the time you read this, we may very well be climbing our first-ever qualifier climb at our first-ever climbing competition! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! There are four of us going together, which will be great for the moral support and cheering factor. And if we all bail in the qualifiers, at least we’ve got cookies 🙂

Here are a few online snippets that caught our eye the week of 12.March.2016.

On Climbing:

  • Is anyone in need of a new harness? The Top 5 Most Comfortable Harnesses.
  • Dave McLeod, one of our favourite climbers, talks about three aspects of training that people often overlook. The first one always speaks to me – we don’t train to try hard (like, to really try hard). I will mentally give up long before my body will. I need to work on this!
  • On how to train for steep sport climbing routes. If you don’t rock climb, but want a pretty solid core work-out, scroll to the bottom of the post for exercises.

On Eating:

On Repeating:

Happy Weekend! 

(And remember to Spring ahead one hour on Sunday!)