Saturday Snippets: 11.June.2016

Hopefully everyone has had a good week and is starting to enjoy a relaxing weekend! We had the week off, which was quite nice, and we celebrated Jonty’s birthday mid-week with this pretty tasty cake.

As for Moby, we were able to get the pieces of the van floor into the van, and Jonty has started the process of bolting the floor pieces (aluminum channel + L-track + floor) to the van chassis. It feels pretty exciting to be able to walk on a flat, solid floor! Next steps for Jonty will be getting the in-floor heating tube positioned and floor insulation cut, and I’ve been starting to sew some trial curtains, to see what’s going to work. Slow, but steady progress 🙂

Here’s a few online snippets that caught our eye during the week of 11.June.2016.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

On Repeating:

  • The best tools for the ultimate mobile office.
  • Has anyone bought a new vehicle that comes with Android Auto? If we could get this to work in Moby, I think we’d have a pretty sweet mobile unit!

Happy Weekend!