Saturday Snippets: 10.February.2018

How was your week? We’re combining a work + pleasure trip over to Vancouver Island this weekend. We’re traveling in our home away from home, and we’re both pretty excited to try out the new table!

Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 10.February.2018.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter conversion updates):

Kitchen Table:

  • We finished putting in the kitchen table in last week, and we figured out a pretty good solution for keeping the table secure in an up position! This means we can drive around with the table up or down, and it’s not going anywhere. | 20180210-Sprinter-conversion-kitchen-table-support-10

  • To keep the table in it’s up position, Jonty fabricated a custom spring-loaded twist lock that can easily be inserted into the 80-20. You push the lock in, twist it 90-degrees, and it locks into place. The nice thing about this solution is that it’s not fixed to the 80-20, so we can easily remove the twist lock to open or close the curtains. | 20180210-Sprinter-conversion-kitchen-table-support-03 | 20180210-Sprinter-conversion-kitchen-table-support-02

  • A tie-down strap then attaches to the table-leg hole (which is secured to the floor via the L-Track), and can be cinched down nice and tight. It’s a really clean, easy solution that makes stowing the table a cinch! | 20180210-Sprinter-conversion-kitchen-table-support-05

  • We wanted a method that wasn’t going to require taking the table top apart and stowing it somewhere, and this totally fits the bill. The table leg is small enough to fit into our catch-all drawer, which is an added bonus!
  • So far, we are absolutely loving the functionality of this table. We’ve often remarked how long it takes to figure out the simple and/or elegant solution to a problem. But taking the extra time to make sure it’s a good solution really relieves those pressure points down the road. | 20180210-Sprinter-conversion-kitchen-table-support-01 | 20180210-Sprinter-conversion-kitchen-table

Finishing Kitchen Cupboards:

  • We’re now just waiting for the weather to improve, and the rain to stop, before installing the grey tanks (the last major system to finish!).
  • Until that happens, Jonty’s started to work on finishing up some of the little bits and pieces that were not crucial to do previously. One of those was adding a cupboard backing to the one that’s right next to the sliding door. All of our other cupboards use the foam-padded walls of the van, as a cupboard backing. The one adjacent to the sliding door doesn’t have that as an option! Until now, it’s just been open at the back, and we’ve had to minimize what we put in there, so that it doesn’t tumble out.
  • The tricky part to this cupboard backing was to introduce a curve, to align with the curvature of the van wall. I think he’s done a fantastic job! | Sprinter conversion - kitchen cabinet updates | Sprinter conversion - kitchen cabinet updates | Sprinter conversion - kitchen cabinet updates | Sprinter conversion - kitchen cabinet updates | Sprinter conversion - kitchen cabinet updates | Sprinter conversion - kitchen cabinet updates | Sprinter conversion - kitchen cabinet updates

I’m not sure what little project we’ll be tackling next week, so stay tuned! 🙂

Happy (BC Family Day) long weekend!

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