Saturday Snippets: 07.October.2017

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend! Do you have any plans? What’s your food menu looking like? The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny all weekend, and we’re looking forward to turkey (of some sort) and pie (apple-blackberry). We’re hoping to get another camping night in, so it’s my goal to bake at least some of our Thanksgiving dinner in the van. Crazy? Perhaps. But the thought of enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, while looking out over the ocean and enjoying a glass of wine doesn’t sound so bad 😉

Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 07.October.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

Let’s get this Potty Started!

  • Oh, you best believe I pulled out many of my greatest dance moves in the van, as we got our potty-building started 🙂
  • Our Separett toilet arrived last weekend! We went shopping for a new loo seat (the blue styrofoam one it came with was not worthy of a Moby build) and Jonty got busy making the box frame and loo-seat cut-out. | Sprinter van conversion - composting toilet installation | Sprinter van conversion - composting toilet installation

Front curtains:

  • I finished sewing the front window privacy curtains this week, and we’re pretty happy with the way they turned out! I decided to sew three separate panels (two side windows, one front), with the thought that there could be times when we don’t want (or need) to have the entire cab covered up.
  • We’ve installed simple hooks into the headliner, and the curtains hang over the windows via the hooks. They’re easy to put up quickly, and they make the front feel so cozy! | Sprinter van conversion - front privacy curtains | Sprinter van conversion - front privacy curtains | Sprinter van conversion - front privacy curtains

Storage cupboard:

  • It was always our plan to have a vertical storage closet in the van, to store jackets and bulky clothes, as well as drawers for additional storage below. The location and size have changed as the van has evolved, but now that we know where the toilet is going, it was a simple decision for where the closet would be – right beside it!
  • We’ve CNC’d and stained the cabinet wall, and the curtain rod is in! | Sprinter van conversion - closet storage

Fan covers:

  • A quick little project I fired off this week was making removable covers for the fans. During our first trip away, we definitely noticed the amount of draft that was coming in through the fan above the bed. We will always keep one fan open during the night (to minimize condensation), but with the nights cooling off, we thought it might be a good idea to be able to cover the one at the back. Also, the fan lets in quite a bit of light in the morning, so this cover will also block out any unwanted sunlight.
  • We used the same foam-backed vinyl as we wrapped the walls and ceiling with, and I sewed on a little pull-tab. So these covers press perfectly into the fan opening, and can easily be pulled out via the tab. Neat, hey?

Next up:

  • We’ll probably be starting on some drawers next, specifically the one above the fridge.
  • We’re also in the process of getting a second alternator purchased (the company needs to make sure their alternator will work with our Mastervolt charge controller), and also trying to figure out our shower set-up!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!