Saturday Snippets: 07.January.2017

Happy New Year! We’re into 2017 officially! How did you ring in your new year? We managed to stay up until the Saskatchewan new year (we’re 2 hours behind), but for our early-to-bed / early-to-rise mantra, that counts as a win 🙂 It started snowing the afternoon of the 31st and continued through the night. We went for a walk in the evening, just to take in this beautifully crazy weather!

Temperatures have been bouncing between 0°C during the day, to -10°C at night. This ensures that the side-streets of Vancouver remain a solid sheet of ice – definitely an unusual month of weather here. But it’s sunny, and anytime Vancouverites can get a healthy dose of Vitamin D in the winter is a bonus!

On New Year’s Day, we got up early and headed out for our annual beach walk to take some pictures, drink coffee, and withstand the bracing wind.

Here’s a few snippets that caught our eye online during the week of 07.January.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

  • Tommy Caldwell’s gear shed. We’re swooning.
  • At 105, you can still ride a bike!
  • With the cold weather, we’re loving our soups and roasted veggies. This Turmeric Carrot Apple Soup will definitely hit the spot.
  • One of our Christmas gifts this year was a 6-month subscription to Raw Spice Bar (yes, we have awesome friends, who know us so well!!). Each month, we get 3 spices in the mail, along with a few recipe ideas on how to use them. The theme of December was Icelandic Spices and one of the packets is called Quatre Epices. I’m liking the look of this spice cake and these roasted carrots!
  • Have you heard of the DASH diet? Apparently it’s been the top diet for the 7th year in a row. We don’t diet, per se, but this is similar to how our eating approach looks – focus on whole, nutritious foods, while limiting the processed foods. I like it!
  • This year is Canada’s 150th birthday. As part of the celebrations, the National Parks are providing free entrance passes to everyone this year, just head to the website and sign up! We received our pass in the mail last week.
  • We don’t have a dog (yet). How to travel with a dog in a Sprinter Conversion.

On the Moby news (aka Sprinter Conversion):

  • It’s been a little bit quiet on the conversion front, but here’s why: We’re still waiting on a replacement part for the battery system, we’ve been away for most of the Christmas vacation, and it’s been cold! This has been the view of Moby for the past few weeks:

  • But fear not! While the work inside the van has been halted for a bit, Jonty is still busy doing design work on the computer. He is starting to design the wall panels for us to cover, and that’s definitely keeping him busy!
  • Also, as an aside, we’ve given Moby his own Instagram account (Moby The Big Grey Van), if you want to follow along on the progress!

Happy Weekend and Happy New Year!

A winter sunset in Vancouver.


  1. Happy New Year! The snowy weather looks very beautiful over there, especially for bundled up walks. The closest we’ve gotten to that kind of weather was yesterday when the grass and playground were completely frosted over haha.

    Also, that 105 year old cyclist is so inspiring! Let’s hope we’ll all be like that when/if we reach his age.

    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Hayley! This is definitely unusual weather for us. We will often get 1 week of snow per year, so the city seems to be struggling. But, I LOVE that it’s so bright and white outside!

    1. Jonty is also from the UK and it’s always a bit of a surprise for him, too, when the snow comes. Yes, definitely pass on the info about the free parks entry to your sister. I’m not sure if it’s only open to Canadian residents? You might be able to get one, too, if you’re thinking of visiting this year! The perks of Canada turning 150 🙂 So glad you found and enjoyed the blog post!
      – Moira

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