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Saturday Snippets: 06.August.2016

Well, hello, August! We’ve just finished a nice short work week, care of a stat holiday on Monday and a few days of vacation. We were in Kelowna over the long weekend, to meet up with my family, and it was such a great getaway. We enjoyed early morning cycles around the city, lots of Auntie and Uncle time with the nephews, and general relaxing.

A bit of a head’s up – in our Saturday Snippets, we’re going to start posting any progress on the van conversion. The progress we’re making seems to be more visual now, and we’d like to share some of that, without going into full detail.

Here’s what caught our eye online during the week of 06.August.2016.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

  • I feel so-so about watermelon. Jonty feels so-so about corn. Somehow, I feel like we would both really like this salad, though. It looks like a perfect way to use up the summer bounty.
  • I love lamb kabobs, and this recipe might end up making an appearance in our house this weekend.
  • I would eat all of these salads in a heartbeat.

On Repeating:

And in Van News…

  • Jonty is finishing up the hose connections for the diesel heater and did all the wiring yesterday. There have been many, many hours spent under this van.
  • Moira is starting to make cardboard prototypes of the inside of the van, so we can get a better sense of the layout.
  • But perhaps the most exciting van news this week is that we hooked up the heating system to the van battery, filled up the expansion tank with water (we’ll swap it for a glycol shortly) and crossed our fingers that the heater would actually work. It was like connecting a circuit in the most stressful physics lab ever! | Hydronic heating works 02

Yes, we have a fire extinguisher close by, just in case.

  • And guess what? It worked! OUR IN-FLOOR HEATING WORKS! Sorry for the caps, but this is very exciting news in our household! | Hydronic heating works 01

Heated floors! Jonty is one very happy boy, and I am one very happy wife!

Happy Weekend!