Saturday Snippets: 05.March.2016

Anybody have exciting plans for the weekend? We are going to try out a new-to-us climbing wall, for some on-sight practice – apparently they use different-style climbing holds, which should be fun! I realize this statement is understood by nobody but another climber 😉

Here are a few online snippets that caught our eye this week.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

  • If you can put an egg on it, I will probably enjoy it. This Bibimbap bowl looks healthy and filling and darned tasty!
  • If you can put it in a bowl, I will probably enjoy it. This Chicken Tawook Quinoa Bowl is right up our alley!
  • The winter citrus is so good right now – this Tofu Avocado Grapefruit salad looks mighty appealing! Also, I have had this weird urge to make my own za’atar (for about 6 months now), but I don’t know where to find sumac. Anyone in Vancouver know where I could find the spice?

On Cycling:

  • Perhaps when we eventually start travelling full-time, we should try to rig this up to our bikes! This would save on laundromat costs 🙂

On Repeating:

  • The Vancouver forecast is looking decidedly drizzly. The best ways to spend a soggy-weather weekend? I could be up for #3 and #4 and #11 (preferably IN #3) 🙂
  • Did anyone celebrate a Leap Year birthday this past Monday? If so, I sincerely hope your birthday cake looked like this one!

Happy Weekend!


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