Saturday Snippets: 04.June.2016

June is here, and let the waterfall of June birthdays begin! I believe the currently June-Family-Birthday-Count is hovering around 9. Nine birthdays! This includes a husband, a brother, two sister-in-laws and a handful of uncles and cousins. I think there’s going to be a lot of cake 🙂

Here’s a few online snippets that caught our eye during the week of 04.June.2016.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

On Cycling:

  • It was Bike To Work Week this past week, and there was only 1 day of rain. Pretty remarkable, considering we’ve entered June-uary 🙂  I only managed to get to one of the Celebration Stations, but it was a tasty one.

On Repeating:

  • My mother-in-law is the best letter-writer / card-giver. Seriously – it’s one of her gifts! Thanks to paperless bills, most of the snail mail we now receive is the mail we actually WANT to receive! Every time I see the classic UK-sized envelope come through our door, I can’t wait to see what card awaits us 🙂
  • I have a semi-irrational fear of crows (Jonty would probably say irrational). Years ago, I was convinced the same crow would follow me / swoop past me on the way to the bus every morning. I’ve been dive-bombed by crows, too. Now we can track all the crow-attacks in Vancouver! Seriously – click on the map link and look at all the attacks in downtown Vancouver!
  • Time waits for no-one. Plan for how you want to live your life.

Happy Weekend!