Saturday Snippets: 04.February.2017

Do you believe the old saying that, “Bad things happen in threes”? As I type this I am in yet another airport, waiting for yet another delayed and/or cancelled Air Canada flight. This makes it 3 flight woes in 2 weeks (I have one more flight next week, but according to the Law of Threes, I should be okay 🙂 ). While the Ottawa airport is fairly easy to hang out in, I don’t want this flight to be cancelled and I’m ready to get home. (Update: the flight was only delayed by 2 hours!)

This week I was at a mammography conference in Quebec. It was fantastic! I learned a lot and was able to reconnect with fellow medical physicists across Canada, and enjoyed spending a few days in the world’s largest man-made log cabin in the world (I’ve got a few pictures at the end of the post).

Have fun checking out what caught our eye in the online world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Our Saturday Snippets for 04.February.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter Conversion updates):

  • Because I was going to be gone for the majority of the week, Jonty wanted help installing the upper wall panels. It’s definitely a job that is much easier with two people. The big difficulty we had was trying to accurately map the position of the screw holes onto the wood panels. Jonty had a brain wave at 3 am one night – use a laser level to mark the centre of the first screw hole, then place the board back into place and mark the hole on the wood. It worked really well! After that the remaining holes can be found by indenting with studs in the bolt holes. It took us about 5 hours to CNC, measure and drill, and install 4 panels, which we thought was actually pretty quick! | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels

  • After two months of trouble-shooting, then sending off parts and waiting for them to come back, we finally got the replacement sense-board back from the manufacturer. Jonty hooked it all back up and, guess what – it works! Like a dream! Here he is, running the laptop off of our batteries, doing some diagnostic work. | Sprinter van conversion - installing wall panels

  •  Now that the batteries are charged and working, we’ll start to run the wiring throughout the van. Having ceiling lights wired will be pretty exciting! Hopefully we’ll also be able to start wrapping the panels in foam-backed vinyl. Moby is really starting to take shape, and each job we finish feels like one big step in the right direction.

Pictures from 04.February.2017:

I attended a mammography conference this past week. It was held in Montebello, Quebec, in the world’s largest log cabin. The place was huge! The fireplace, alone, was spectacular. The resort was built back in the early 1900’s, with logs shipped over from BC. According to someone’s cab driver, the entire building took only 3 months to build, because they employed non-union workers 🙂 It’s quite impressive.

The conference was jam-packed and we were kept busy with talks and sessions from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm so, unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of time to check out the area. We did have a few hours of free time before the conference began, and used that time to walk into the nearby village of Montebello. | 20170202-Montebello-Quebec-5174 | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec | Travel to Montebello Quebec

Happy Weekend!


    1. Ya, it worked out really well! We used the lasers to position two holes first. In order to get all the other hole positions quickly, Jonty had another good idea. We put bolts straight through the remaining holes, with no panel there, then attached the wall to the van using the two laser-determined position. Then we took a hammer and block of wood, and thumped the panel hard enough over all remaining bolt positions. This left perfect indents on the backside of the panels, exactly where we needed the rest of the holes. It worked perfectly, and was so quick! That was definitely one of his better “3am ideas” 🙂

  1. Hi Jonty,
    My name is Bob & my wife’s name is Steph. We live in Boise ID. This is a picture of our current van at the end of the road to Meadow Mt. north of Nelson BC. in 09. We have a sprinter on order due this spring, I ran accross your blog in my research “down the rabbit hole” on floor heat . Of all the blogs I’ve crossed yours’ has some parallels with us. I was a climber, late 60’s–early 80’s , we bike/hike/ski & eat in season too. So I’m old school could I give you a call? Are you going to be traveling this way anytime? There is a lot of good cimbing and eating too.

    This second photo is in Great Basin National Park (Neveda) in the fall of 2015

    1. Hi Bob and Steph,

      Thanks for message, and great shots of your van – we can’t wait to get back to places like Nelson, come spring / summer time! At some point we would love to make it down into Idaho – we have friends competing in an Ironman there in the summer, so it could be a good time for a maiden-voyage with our van 🙂

      We’ve found ourselves down that rabbit hole more than once, but we’re glad the path led you over to us! If you want, send us an email: climbeatcyclerepeat [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll figure out a way to connect from there.

      Looking forward to chatting some more,

      Jonty and Moira

  2. I’d be way to terrified of falling to my death on those high boulder walls. I haven’t really attempted ‘legitimate’ outdoor bouldering either haha. Anyways, I enjoyed looking through all of your photos. The icicle one is my favorite.

    1. Ya, I’m pretty sure I’m getting way too old to try the high-balls. My legs start shaking when I’m only a few feet off the ground! I’m glad you liked the pictures. Those icicles were amazing (and deadly-looking) – some of them were so long and sharp, that they had signs all around the hotel, warning about falling ice. Crazy Canadian winters 🙂
      – Moira

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