Saturday Snippets: 03.September.2016

September is here! Does it still feel like you should be going back to school? Sometimes I feel like I still get caught up in that frenzy. But still very glad I’m done with the big exams, too 🙂 We’ll be enjoying the Labour Day long weekend with a bit of climbing, a bit of cycling (if the weather holds), a bit of cooking and a bit of van work. We’re nothing, if not predictable 🙂

Here’s what caught our eye online during the week of 03.September.2016.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

On Repeating:

  • Ikea’s most recognizable chair turns 40 this year! We have one, which was given to us by a colleague, who was given to him as a housewarming gift, but he had no room for it. Ten years later, it’s still serving us well.
  • Get fit as a family – I see so many benefits of this! Our good friends do triathalons, and their kids join right in, too. It’s awesome to see 🙂

On the Moby news (aka Sprinter Conversion):

  • We got a Pearson-Special on our Inverter, and managed to find a local distributor that had one in stock, which means we picked it up yesterday instead of having to wait 4 weeks.
  • Jonty’s been busy cutting up the 80-20 for the van and figuring out a way to thermally isolate the metal extrusion from the metal van shell. He’s CNC’d a little prototype bracket, made out of HDPE (plastic), that he thinks he’s happy with 🙂
  • One side of the insulating bracket will go against the van, the other will attach to anything else inside the van, and hopefully minimize temperature transfer.

20160902 8020 insulation mount 05

  • We’re about to order our fridge – a Nova Kool side-by-side fridge-freezer combo. They make them in Coquitlam – we met the owner a few weeks ago and saw their manufacturing space! I like that this well-renowned company is so close to home.

Happy Labour-Day Long Weekend!