Saturday Snippets: 02.July.2016

Happy July! Yesterday, I made my first batch of homemade ice cream of the year, which means it feels like we’ve officially entered summer. The temperatures might not indicate as such, so we’ll take the sunshine whenever it comes our way.

If you’ve been following along with our Sprinter Van Conversion, this week we posted a picture diary of what we’ve finished so far. It’s slow and steady progress, but every day we’re further ahead than the day before 🙂 Hopefully we will have another picture post in a few weeks time, with more progress!

Here’s what caught our eye online during the week of 02.July.2016.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

  • Can a person ever have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes? I think not (gluten-free / vegan people, take note).
  • These Chicken Basil Lettuce Wraps are like a taco and bowl food, together! I’m sensing a weekend meal coming up…
  • Just because summer hasn’t hit Vancouver yet, doesn’t mean other parts of Canada aren’t sweltering. If it’s too hot to turn on the oven, these raw chocolate snack bars look pretty appealing! Actually, they’re pretty appealing, even in the rain 🙂

On Cycling:

  • Haha, this device would be a good deterrent for bike-thieves!

On Repeating:

  • Are you having a bad day? A good day? Any kind of day? Watch this video. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face as you watch it over and over and over… 🙂
  • This BC couple has taken the concept of off-the-grid, sustainable living to a new level!
  • I’m looking for a few good summer reads. A few off this list look interesting!

Happy Weekend!