Saturday Snippets: 02.April.2016

I spent a few days working along the Sunshine Coast this week, up in Powell River and Sechelt. Jonty had a week of vacation, so was able to come along for the ride. All four ferry rides were spent basking in glorious sunshine and 20°C weather. Spring has definitely sprung, and we like it!

And in terms of the van news… The boat has left the pacific northwest waters and is making it’s trek over to Japan. We’re assuming our van was taken off the boat… Hopefully we’ll hear from our MB dealer sometime soon (perhaps this coming week?!) to tell us we can come pick up our project!

Here are a few snippets online that caught our eye during the week.

On Climbing:

On Eating:

On Repeating:

  • Do you ever wonder what exercises you can do to strengthen certain muscle groups? It’s MuscleWiki to the rescue! They even include videos of how to do the exercises 🙂
  • This essay holds some truth for us at the moment – when your calling seems vague or unclear, you’re probably on the right track.
  • I was a pretty timid growing up, using my younger brother as a shield for any “scary” situation, and have almost outgrown most of those tendencies. Regardless of age, I think these 10 Ways to Raise Brave Girls are good things for anybody to work on!

Happy Weekend!