Saturday Snippets: 01.July.2017

Happy Canada Day!! Are you taking in any of the festivities in your town? We’ll be out climbing for the day, but might meander downtown later on, to feel the birthday love. Here’s what caught our eye online in the world of climbing, eating, cycling and repeating. Saturday Snippets for 01.July.2017.

On Climbing, Eating, Cycling and Repeating:

On Moby News (aka Sprinter van conversion):

Last week, the van was in complete disarray.This week, the van looks much better:

  • We took out the tall walls (dividing the kitchen from the bedroom) and re-made them.
  • Originally, we used 1/8-inch plywood to keep the weight down, but have since switched to 1/4-inch. Ultimately, 1/8-inch was too flimsy (rattling!) and didn’t allow for any clean mounting options. So, off to the wood shop we went!
  • New panels have been cnc’d, stained and installed, and these ones are much better. We’re definitely happy we made the change.

Kitchen galley:

  • We installed the counter top this week! The induction cooktop and sink fit perfectly. Nothing is hooked up or works yet, but it sure does look good 🙂 | Sprinter van conversion - kitchen with butcher block counter | Sprinter van conversion - kitchen with butcher block counter

  • Jonty also made a sink cover using the extra butcher block wood we had. The design was to have a cover that fit over the double sink, to increase our usable surface area. When you take it out and flip it over, it turns into a little kitchen tray! We use a kitchen tray in our apartment all the time, so it makes me happy to have something similar in the van 🙂 I’ll have to fill the knots with epoxy, then OSMO it, then it’s good to go! | Sprinter van conversion - inset sink cover and flip-over tray

  • A few more sides of the galley walls have been cnc’d, stained and installed. And so has the end board of the upper cabinets. It’s starting to feel like a real kitchen.

Roof panels:

  • We’re chipping away at covering the roof and wall panels. The ceiling is now complete, finally! All we had left were three long corner pieces. Two were on the side that house all the electrical wires, so we were procrastinating if finishing them. It feels very good to have them done!
  • The only remaining walls that are left are right behind the driver’s seat. We’re planning on installing a bathroom on that side, so we’ll wait until we know how much of the walls we actually need to cover. | Sprinter van conversion - covering ceiling panels | Sprinter van conversion - covering ceiling panels

Happy Canada Day long weekend!

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  1. Those pictures of Canada really do look epic and the article “Before the Internet” was quite funny as well. I think I’d go crazy without the internet, I can’t remember life without it! But then again, cracking open a book or playing with a fridge magnet doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to do for a short amount of time either haha. Thanks for sharing!

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