Sabbatical Stop #1

On Sunday I head to my first port-of-call for my sabbatical. I’ll be spending a week in Dallas, Texas at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. They have a large radiation therapy centre with almost every type of cancer-treatment modality under the sun. It’s like a medical physicist’s candy store! In particular, they have a specialized treatment unit that we are hoping to purchase for the Vancouver Cancer Centre. My goal is to come away with as much information as possible about this machine – how they use it, what quality assurance they do for it, what kind of training we’ll need to give to staff once we get the machine. You know, the “blah blah” stuff we physicists live for.

I’ve never been to Dallas before, so if anyone has suggestions for things to do, what to see, good places to eat… I’m all ears! Hopefully I’ll be able to get over here for at least one bouldering session.

I’m still not sure when it will hit me that I’m actually on sabbatical for six months. At the moment, it feels like I’m just heading to a conference. Maybe once I’m back in Vancouver and realize I don’t have to go into work 🙂