People, We Are Officially Excited!!

Peeps, the excitement levels in this household are officially through the roof!! Perma-grin is on my face!  We picked up our home-away-from-home this morning. We needed a name for our home, worthy of the adventure we’d be heading on. And really, the decision was pretty easy. May we introduce to you…

Eddie. | Cousin Eddie Christmas vacation RV

“That there’s an RV”! | Cousin Eddie Christmas vacation

It feels like we’ve been talking about getting renting a Sprinter Van for such a long time, and now it’s finally here! We picked up the van this morning on a very, VERY wet day.

“Do you know anything about RV’s?”

“Absolutely nothing!”

So after a 20-minute orientation, we were given the keys and sent on our way. We’re physicists… we’re pretty good at problem-solving and rational thinking… Hopefully we’ll be okay. If all else fails, we do what every normal person does… Google… then call Dad. 🙂 | Picking up the Era Sprinter van

Rock Paper Scissors: Jonty gets first drive! | Era Sprinter van

The van looks much bigger in person.

Here he is, making his maiden voyage into our parking lot. I really don’t sound very excited at all.

The inside has a pretty good layout, and there’s quite a bit of storage space! We’ll probably have to spend some time figuring out the best place for things, but luckily we’ve got time on our side!