Peddle Pictures, Vegas-Style

Well, Las Vegas was full of surprises: we had a lot of pre-conceived notions of what the city would hold, some of which were accurate, some left us pretty surprised. The biggest surprise? Cycling – the city is a wonderful cycling town!! Many streets have dedicated cycling lanes (or shared bus/bike lanes), and for those without, the roads are wide enough to accommodate motorists and cyclist. A local race, the Tour de Summerlin was on while we were in town, which signalled a big positive towards cycling, which we haven’t experienced elsewhere on our travels.

Upon our arrival, we headed into Red Rocks, stopped at the visitors centre in the park and cycled the 13-mile scenic drive. It was the first time we set sight on the mountains and local rock formations and, as usual, I probably took far too many pictures of pretty rock 🙂 | Out and about cycling around Red Rocks, Las Vegas NV | Out and about cycling around Red Rocks, Las Vegas NV | Jonty cycling, Red Rocks NV

There were a few websites we looked at for route-finding, but really, the cycle lanes were so plentiful, that finding various routes was no problem at all. The great thing about cycling in a new city is that it lets you meander through neighbourhoods at a slower pace, and really get a chance to take in the scenery. One thing we were impressed with was the number of parks and green spaces around each neighbourhood; after leaving the “Vegas Strip”, you could hardly travel a few blocks without hitting a park. Surprising, indeed, given our expectations of the city being nothing more than lights, gambling and debauchery!

There were a numerous, very blustery days: we’re talking gusts up to 80km/hr!! At the worst of it, we had planned to cycling down to the strip initially, but our motivation vanished with the bike-toppling wind and we opted to walk downtown instead. In hindsight, this was probably a better decision anyways, as meandering with our bikes would have been difficult, especially finding lockups.

So much to see inside and out…

… and so much to eat! Good thing we walked as many kilometers as we did 🙂 | Out and about walking, Las Vegas NV

As of this moment, we have started making our way north. We have a few long-driving days ahead of us, but hope to have a Red Rocks bouldering post and re-cap post up shortly!


        1. Ya, we would definitely bring our bikes back again. Anything later than late April might be too hot, though. Summerlin area was great!

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