Pedal Pictures

We did a nice 50km loop around the Bishop area a few days ago. The town is situated in a big basin and the roads are long and straight; coming from the hills of Vancouver, it’s actually a nice treat to stay in one gear (for the most part) and just spin. The country-side is very arid – it reminds us of the Okanagan. It also reminds us of the Breaking Bad desert scenes, and we kept looking around for random trailers in the middle of nowhere, but all  we saw were fishermen and a fellow cyclists! | California countryside | Jonty cycling, Bishop CA | Moira cycling, Bishop CA | California countryside

Unlike the cycle in Bend, we only had one minor detour 🙂 But a few hours of cycling will still leave a person pretty hungry! As a treat, we decided to stop in at Schat’s Bakkery for a little something. Apparently this “Schat” fellow is pretty popular in the town! He’s “Schat” out a bakery, a roadhouse, and even a computer store – a very busy fellow! 😉 | Schaat's Bakery, Bishop CA | Coffee and pastries Schaat's Bakery, Bishop CA

We split a Buttermilk Bar and a large Cannoli. Both were really tasty, or “Schat-worthy” 😉

The plan this weekend is to head over to the Keough Hot Springs, so hopefully will have a post for that shortly…


  1. Temps have been in the mid-20s, it was 26 when we were bouldering this week, we had to chase the shade!

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