Pedal Pictures: Vancouver

Yesterday marked the end of “Bike To Work Week” in Vancouver and this year, the weather threw us a curve-ball: it didn’t rain!!

Granted, I didn’t have to cycle to work (I’m still on sabbatical until July), BUT I did cycle to Jonty’s work to meet him for lunch three days this week, and once to cycle home together. The weather has been grand, and we’ve been out as much as our bodies will allow us (we’re still trying to get back our hill-climbing legs!).

A quick trip downtown to run some errands showcased our city’s main season: Construction Season! Is this the same everywhere? Warm weather hits, and out come the diggers.

It’s been a while since I’ve cycled downtown, and I feel like they’ve done quite a bit to improve the bike accessibility down there! The number of streets with dedicated cycle lanes seems to be increasing, and the signs / directions have definitely improved, making it much easier to navigate the lanes.

And it wouldn’t be “cycling in Vancouver” without having to cross a few bridges… | Cycling along the Seawall, Vancouver BC | Heart bike rack, Vancouver BC

Bike-Rack love.