Pedal Pictures: Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth is our last stop before heading back home to Vancouver, so this will be our last “traveling” Pedal Picture post for a little while. I think we’re still in denial about heading back, so we will quickly get to the pictures!

We drove into Leavenworth last weekend and quickly fell in love with the scenery. Leavenworth is located on the southeast side of the North Cascade Mountains and trundles along the Wenatchee River. Spring time is in full-bloom here, and the views have been pretty spectacular. If only the camera could properly capture what the eyes see 🙂

In 1962 the town was transformed into a mock-Bavarian village, in an effort to revitalize its economy. Well, the transformation has definitely worked, because the streets of the city centre were booming, at least on the early-season weekend. This place has a lot of charm and quirkiness, and we’ve found it easy to navigate and find what we need.

The town has its own craft brewery (Pearson-tested and approved), a great bakery (Pearson-tested, doubly-approved), a Nutcracker Museum (say, what??!), a few great Bavarian sausage houses (Pearson-tested and approved), and numerous goats roaming the countryside next to the downtown. Oh, and absolutely no commercial fast-food joints (hopefully it stays this way); what more could you ask for!!

The last time we felt this comfortable in a town was probably during out stay in Bishop, CA which, incidentally was our first big stop on this trip, back in February. Perhaps this has been a fitting end.

The climbing has been fantastic, as well, and we will definitely be returning to this great little community!