Pedal Pictures: El Paso, Texas

Over the weekend, we moved out of the Hueco Tanks area – it was getting just too hot to climb! We’re now in Flagstaff, Arizona and must admit that it is feeling mighty chilly here (+15 C, compared to +32 C). The climbing, however, is supposed to be fantastic, so we will stick it out for a bit and see how far we get (no guidebooks for the area, so we’re working off hand-drawn instructions on sticky notes from the local climbing shop and a local climber-bartender we happened to meet!). Wish us luck 🙂

With that said, we still have some catch-up posts from Hueco Tanks – Jonty has another climbing post and our usual “round-up” post is in the works. This post brings you some views from one of our favourite cycling days.

We cycled around El Paso on four separate occasions, and this one was our favourite, by far. We headed out of town into the Mission Valley area and did a version of the “Mission Valley Meanderer”, cycling from Fabens to San Elizario and back again. It was a 35 (ish) km round-trip. | Out and about cycling, El Paso TX | Out and about cycling, El Paso TX | Out and about cycling, El Paso TX | Out and about cycling, El Paso TX

We cycled through pecan orchards, cotton fields (maybe? or onion?) and through several small villages before ending up in San Elizario. This town was touted as having a busy Arts District and a famous church. Perhaps it’s busier in the summer?!

The other reason for heading out into the valley was to visit the Cattleman’s Steakhouse for lunch. You can’t visit Texas without having a steak! Sorry, if you’re a veggie… you may want to look away for the next few pictures. This place is a working ranch, with a restaurant tacked on to it. While the decor of the restaurant may be a bit dated (and Jonty is always sceptical of a place that doesn’t serve draught beer), the steak was probably one of the best we’ve ever had! Definitely worth the cycling calories 🙂

It was nice to get out of the city and into the country for a bit. The ride was definitely less stressful than a few of the other ones we tried in town. | Long straight roads

Looong, straaaaight roads!

We’ll be out getting lost in the Arizona desert for the next few days, trying to find these hidden-not-hidden boulders. Wish us luck!


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