Pedal Pictures: Riverside, CA

On Tuesday evening, we did a quick rest-day road-trip over to Riverside, California for a change of scenery and to try out some local food. The drive over to Riverside takes you through the Morongo Valley which, apparently, is known for its high winds. All throughout the countryside, we saw nothing but wind turbine farms! I was glad we weren’t driving anything taller or longer! | Heading to Riverside CA | Heading to Riverside CA

On the way over, Jonty started searching for good cycling routes around the town. We found a nice 35-km loop that wound its way around downtown and out into the countryside. The route was on a really nice cycle path (properly paved, away from the main roads, no need to stop at traffic lights, etc.), which made the ride stress-free and quite a joy.

Sometimes the hardest thing about being in a centre for only one day, is trying to figure out where we’re going to park Eddie! We found a nice wide street (free all day!) near the start of the cycle route. | Cycling, Riverside CA

On Tuesday, beautiful blue sky was with us all the way on the drive in to Riverside. On Wednesday, the clouds (and smog, ugh…) had rolled in. It was still pleasantly warm (25 C), making for comfortable cycling weather, but rather gray-skied pictures: | Out and about cycling, Riverside CA | Out and about cycling, Riverside CA

The next day, our drive back to Joshua Tree was filled with sunshine again, accompanied by wind. LOTS of wind!! | Windfarm, Palm Springs CA

The wind farms stretching for miles!

We may or may not have taken a wrong turn into an orange grove, and Jonty may or may not have “borrowed” from an orange tree on the side of the road… It was a tasty mistake! 🙂

The wind has blown us back into Joshua Tree, and will probably blow us through the weekend. We’ll have to keep our chalk bags under careful eye, TWN had a “Wind Alert” this morning!