Pavement, Plastic, Planning, Repeat

After getting one last cycle in around town, finally we left Red Rocks on Tuesday afternoon and started the 6-hour drive to Fresno, California. We arrived there around 8:30pm and had a quick nibble at this place before crashing for the night. The following day, we had a meeting at the Sportsmobile factory (the reason that we were in Fresno!) on Wednesday afternoon, leaving the morning free; we decided to go and check out a local climbing gym.

The Touchstone Climbing Company has 9 locations across California (on our two-day trek from Vegas to Seattle, we stopped in at the Fresno and Sacramento gyms). This is what the climbing facilities in Vancouver should strive for! Both gyms we visited house a climbing and fitness centre, with 40 to 50-foot lead-climbing walls, a big bouldering area, training walls and hangboards, a full fitness gym (with running and cycling machines) and yoga studio. There are also shower facilities – really, they have everything you could ask for all under one roof! | Climbing gym, Fresno CA | Climbing gym, Fresno CA

We did a bit of lead climbing (the first time we’ve put on our harnesses since Smith Rock, back in February) and bouldering. With many of the gyms in the US, you have to bring your own rope if you want to lead climb, which makes for a nice change from using the often-spongy ropes at some of the other gyms we’ve climbed at.

After our morning session at the gym, we headed to the Sportsmobile factory for a tour and chat. Our one-hour meeting turned into 2.5, and we left with many questions answered and visions of Pearson-mobiles dancing in our minds 🙂 | Jonty at the Sportsmobile office

We left Fresno later than anticipated, drove up to Sacramento that evening, stopped here for a quick nibble and beverage, and climbed the next morning before making the VERY long trek up to Portland (sound familiar?!). | Pangaea, Sacramento CA

So, it’s been a few very long days of driving, dotted with some indoor climbing, eating and drinking, and visiting old friends. At the moment, we are en route to Leavenworth, our last climbing destination before heading back to Vancouver. Hopefully we should have the Red Rocks bouldering / summary posts out next week… stay tuned!